chickens for Balinese Hindus

Explore more the role of chickens for Balinese Hindus – What animal has a close relationship with Balinese life? If this question is asked to ordinary people, most will answer pigs. This makes sense because Bali is famous for its use of pork in various activities, including religious rituals.

chickens for Balinese Hindus
chickens for Balinese Hindus

However, pigs are not the only animals that have important roles and functions in the life of the Balinese Hindu community. There is also one other livestock whose existence is highly considered. The livestock in question is chicken. Chickens are not only used for pitting, but also as a means of religious ceremonies.

The usefulness of chickens in Bali is more than just cattle

When you visit Bali, chicken-based dishes are quite widely used. This menu can be used as a means of hunting for halal food by Muslim tourists. However, chicken for the Balinese Hindu community also has two other functions that are no less important.

The two functions in question are as offerings in religious rituals as well as fighting animals. Related to its function as a fighting animal, this phenomenon has become a tradition that developed since ancient times. Moreover, the previous kings in the Kingdom of Bali, known as someone who likes cockfighting.

Cockfighting which is known in Bali with the term tajen, is a traditional entertainment facility. This tradition is worth keeping if it is carried out in a healthy manner. This means that in the implementation of the tajen, there should not be any person who uses it as a gambling facility.

Furthermore, chickens are also used as animal offerings for deities. It’s just that, not all types of Hindu religious ceremonies are accompanied by chicken meat offerings. The ceremony that most often uses chicken offerings is the Pitra Yadanya ceremony, also known as caru.

Pecinan is an important religious ceremony for Balinese Hindus. The purpose of renewal is an attempt to harmonize with nature. The use of chickens in caru is not without reason, namely because chickens are considered as animals that have great energy, are creative, and have a high work ethic.

Not All Types of Chickens Suitable For Use As Animal Offerings To Deities

Indeed, addicts often use chicken. It’s just that not just any chicken is used in additives. Hindu religious leaders in Bali have their own standards regarding the selection of chicken offerings for caru. These chickens must have special characteristics.

The chicken-throwing palm says there are at least 43 types of chickens with special characteristics that can be used for additives. These types of chickens have their own advantages compared with other chickens. Typically, chickens used for renewal, are sold at a higher price compared to ordinary chicken.

This special characteristic also cannot be found if chickens are bred in a certain way. However, knowledge related to how to breed chickens intended as offerings for additives is still very little known by chicken farmers in Bali.

Therefore, the Balinese people are currently trying to maintain and maintain the tradition of using chickens in every renewal. Moreover, this tradition has been handed down since ancient times. Moreover, this culture also has a positive impact on the economy of the local people of Bali.

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