Bali Traditional Mask

Balinese Mask, Traditional Performing Arts – Traditional performing arts have a special and unique role in Balinese culture. Arts like dance and theater do not merely function as entertainment. Some of them become complementary components of religious rituals or even positioned as rituals themselves. This diversity of functions makes Balinese art so rich in variety and variety. One manifestation can be seen in the diversity that exists in Balinese mask craft.

Bali Traditional Mask
Bali Traditional Mask

Balinese masks are made of wood. Types of wood that are usually used as material for making masks include ylang and pule. In the process, there are several carving stages that must be passed until it finally becomes a mask. In addition, the existence of certain grips in the portrayal of the character’s character makes the mask crafters have to have special skills.

The mask is the main instrument in mask dance, a traditional Balinese dance performance. In mask dance, each performer or dancer appears in special clothing and wearing a mask. The mask worn by a dancer shows the character he plays in a show. The story that is delivered in a mask dance usually comes from historical history (chronicles) or legendary stories.

Based on the social stratum of the play shown, masks can be grouped into several types. The types of masks are hard masks (figures of fighters), old masks (figures of elders), bondres masks (ordinary people), and masks of queens (aristocrats).

In addition to these general types, there are also special types of masks, such as the Calonarang mask, jauk mask, and telek mask. Calonarang’s mask shows an ugly, fanged, and wide-eyed figure symbolizing evil. The jauk mask is a transitional form between humans and a rough-tempered giant, representing a creature that helps Barong in dealing with rangda. Like jauk, telek is an ally of Barong, but in the form of a figure with a smooth face and character.

At present, Balinese masks are not merely an important tool in the performance of masked dances. Many Balinese masks have been sold freely to visiting tourists for souvenirs.

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