Bukit Belong Gunaksa

Bukit Belong Gunaksa Nature Tourism

Balitraveldiary.comTourist attractions for cool photos are endless in Bali. Bukit Belong Gunaksa is a place with beautiful scenery that is a pity to miss. Especially for those of you who like to hunt for photos to be displayed on Instagram.

Belong Gunaksa Hill is currently a popular tourist destination in Bali. Young people from various parts of the region flock to this place. In addition, you can also easily witness the beauty of the scenery here through social networks.

Photos of Bukit Belong Gunaksa will be easily found if you are an Instagram or Facebook user. There, you will be able to witness the virtues in this hill. From the top of the hill, every visitor will be confronted with the presence of green rice fields owned by residents.

The most commonly practiced photo pose in this place is the pose facing the residents’ rice fields. Accompanied by the presence of high weeds, the photo will look very interesting. Moreover, if you visit this place in the afternoon when the sun begins to set.

Best time to visit

Besides the afternoon, you can also choose to come to this place in the morning. The reason, because the atmosphere is still not too hot. You know, at noon, you will feel quite hot here. Especially, because of its location on the hill.

The presence of trees and tall grassland can indeed be a shade when you are in Bukit Belong Gunaksa. But still, you will feel the heat. Fortunately, the wind in this place is quite cool. Plus, there are some shade trees that can be used as a shelter.

It’s just that there are not many activities that can be done in this Bukit Belong Gunaksa tourist spot. Mostly, the visitors come to this place just to sit with a partner. The atmosphere is indeed very supportive to be used as a location for romance.

For the record, if you come to this place, be sure to bring food supplies. Because of its location on the hill, don’t expect to be able to find a food stall here. Moreover, if you come here during the day. Prepare enough drinks. Because certainly hot atmosphere will make you thirsty quickly.

However, important things that need attention, you must maintain the cleanliness of this place. Unfortunately, if this place is damaged because of irresponsible actions from the visitors?

Location of Bukit Belong Gunaksa

Belong Gunaksa Hill is a hill that belongs to the area of Gunaksa Village in Dawan District, Klungkung Regency. To go to this place is also not too difficult. You can choose to use Google Maps. Many visitors who did the same thing and managed to get here.

Route to Bukit Belong Gunaksa

This place is approximately 47 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport. Meanwhile, if you depart from Denpasar City, the distance traveled is approximately 32 km. Not too difficult if you want to find the existence of Bukit Belong Gunaksa. Especially, because there are already signposts that have been provided.

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