Moon Bamboo Villa

Moon Bamboo Villa Canggu, Lodging in Tengah Sawah – Luxurious but simple, that’s the main picture you will get when staying at Moon Bamboo Villa Canggu. The hotel building is made of bamboo, giving the traditional impression of a country that is so thick. Moreover, this inn is in the middle of rice fields. However, luxury elements also emanate from the existence of Moon Bamboo Villa, through the complete facilities that you can enjoy while staying in it.

Moon Bamboo Villa in the Canggu area does indeed offer a different holiday atmosphere. When watching the atmosphere in the middle of rice fields in this inn, you would think the location is in Ubud. At the same time, this inn gives very easy access to several popular beaches which are starting to be visited by tourists, beautiful beaches in the Canggu area.

The Eco-Friendly Building of Bamboo at Moon Bamboo Villa Canggu

The main identity that you can find while in Moon Bamboo Villa is a unique building design. As the name implies, Moon Bamboo Villa is a villa building that is made with the main ingredients of bamboo. Bamboo in this place, has undergone special processing so that it has a high level of durability. At the same time, bamboo buildings make this villa look more exotic.

The environmentally friendly design of the building is supported by the location of the villa with natural nuances. The Canggu area, which is now beginning to increase in popularity, still provides a natural atmosphere. You can find that the Moon Bamboo Villa building is in the middle of a large rice field area. While here, visitors are free to enjoy the scenery in the form of green rice fields combined with beautiful blue sky.

Luxury Complete facilities at Moon Bamboo Villa Bali

The building design of Moon Bamboo Villa does look simple. The atmosphere that can be found here is also very typical with a rural atmosphere. However, that did not reduce the luxury possessed by Moon Bamboo Villa. The calm atmosphere in this villa makes it a perfect place to relax. Moreover, Moon Bamboo has an outdoor swimming pool that you can use.

Moon Bamboo’s pool is quite large. At the edge of the pool, you can find the existence of bean bags that can be used as a place to relax. If you want you can not only swim in the middle of the pool. The manager of the villa also provides a float which can be a means of taking pictures while in the pool. The atmosphere in this pool will feel more fun and enjoyable when entering the afternoon, when the sky is dusk.

The villa building that you can occupy also has a size large enough, reaching 22 square meters. Each building comes with a two-story design that allows you to watch the mountain scenery in the distance. You can also find complete facilities in the room, such as a private bathroom, sitting and relaxing area, or free WiFi internet access. Interestingly, the hotel has access for people with disabilities.

Location of Moon Bamboo Villa Bali

You can find Moon Bamboo Villa at the address of Jl. Pura Warung number 1, Canggu. To stay in this villa building, you do not need to be confused in spending a lot of money. Deluxe queen room, can be obtained simply by spending around 250 thousand rupiah per night. The location of the villa is also very strategic, located around 3.8 km from Echo Beach. Access from Ngurah Rai International Airport is also easy, a distance of 18 km apart and you can also take advantage of the shuttle service for an additional fee.

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