N'Jung camp Bali

N’jung Bali Camp Songan, A Fun Camp Site with Beautiful Selfies

Balitraveldiary.com – The tourists who want a vacation to Bali can now try various activities that will never feel boring. The natural beauty of Bali, it is possible. One exciting activity that you can try is to choose to camp. There are so many choices of places to go, N’jung Bali Camp Songan is one of the recommendations.

N'Jung camp Bali
N’Jung camp Bali

N’jung Bali Camp does offer a unique camping ground for tourists. While here, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali which is still natural. The manager of N’jung Bali Camp, located in Songan Village, Kintamani, also provides contemporary facilities. The facility in question is the existence of attractive selfie photo spots.

Typical Beautiful Scenery of Highland Plateau at N’jung Bali Camp Songan
The first advantage that you can get when camping at N’jung Bali Camp is the opportunity to spend the night in the open with beautiful scenery. Songan Village, located in the Kintamani area which has long been known for its spectacular views, is located on a plateau. A cool atmosphere, you will be able to get for a few days staying at N’jung Bali Camp.

Beautiful scenery in the form of one of the famous lakes in Kintamani, namely Lake Batur can be a free entertainment while in N’jung Bali Camp Kintamani. This lake is famous for offering a calm atmosphere with a soothing sight. You can spend time fishing or swimming in the lake. In addition, you can also choose to go around the lake in a boat owned by residents.

Complete facilities at N’jung Bali Camp Kintamani

Although labeled as a camping ground, N’jung Bali Camp is not an ordinary camping area. The calm and beautiful atmosphere around the camping ground area is also equipped with sufficient facilities. In this place, you can find the existence of several selfie spot locations that will satisfy lovers of Instagram photos.

Furthermore, the manager of N’jung Bali Camp also provides gazebo facilities. The arrangement of the gazebo is intentionally placed in the area of ​​the lake. That way, you can relax and enjoy the exoticism of Lake Batur more comfortably while in N’jung Bali Camp. You can also use this gazebo as a resting location when trekking around Lake Batur.

Tariff for N’jung Bali Camp Camp Kintamani

This camping ground located in Songan Village, Kintamani has a very large size. There is an area of ​​2,500 square meters that can be used as much as possible for the convenience of tourists. In addition, you also do not need to bother carrying a variety of camping equipment while in this place. All necessary equipment and supplies are provided by N’jung Bali Camp.

N'Jung camp Bali
N’Jung camp Bali

The management provides 9 tents that can be used. You can also find a bathroom with hot shower and toilet. If you want to make a campfire, there is also a stock of firewood that can be used. Do not miss, tent rental packages with a capacity for 3 people are pegged at a rate of Rp. 250 thousand per night, also accompanied by pillows, blankets, flashlights, lighting, or thin mattresses.

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