3336 / 5000 Hasil terjemahan Tukad Bindu Denpasar, a River That Was Dirty and Full of Garbage

Tukad Bindu Denpasar, a River That Was Dirty and Full of Garbage

Local governments on the island of Bali continue to strive to increase the tourism potential of their respective regions. The place that used to be slums has been transformed into a new tourist destination. One of them is Tukad Bindu Denpasar. Tukad Bindu is a river in Denpasar which was once known as a river full of garbage and very dirty.

This river has long been known as a dirty river and has even become a place for household waste disposal for local residents. However, 2010 was a moment of transformation for this river. The local government invites residents to change the face of Tukad Bindu Denpasar for the better. The result can be seen as it is now.

Tukad Bindu Denpasar Offers Educational Tourism Destinations

The existence of Tukad Bindu in Denpasar City provides a fun educational tourism facility for tourists. The river that was once dirty, has now turned into a clean river. The river is also not too deep. That way, you can invite your little one to swim together. You don’t have to worry about the water quality in Tukad Bindu, which is now so clean.

In addition, you can also choose to relax while enjoying the calm atmosphere by the river. There is a comfortable seat you can use. If you want, there is also a gazebo with such a unique design. The existence of the gazebo, in particular, presents a traditional and classic impression on this educational tourism area in Denpasar.

By inviting your little ones to visit this place, you can teach them the importance of keeping the environment clean. Moreover, Tukad Bindu Denpasar is now a very crowded place. In fact, some time ago, delegations from the IMF and the World Bank also took the time to visit here. In addition, this tourist spot is also accompanied by several rides.

There are also 2 interesting locations as a place to hunt for instagramable photos, namely the Aquaponics Corner and the Organic Plant Garden. In these two places, visitors can see a garden with a beautiful design. Not to forget, there is also an orchid garden that offers an atmosphere that is no less beautiful. In addition, here there are also several types of animals that are deliberately placed in cages.

Best Time to Visit Tukad Bindu Denpasar, Weekend Only!

If you want to find a different atmosphere in Tukad Bindu, choose a weekend arrival time. At that moment, you will find a special event titled Peken Nusantara. This event usually takes place between 8 am and ends. You will find a variety of interesting activities during the event.

The main activity that is often chosen when visiting Peken Nusantara in Tukad Bindu Denpasar is culinary hunting. There is a row of exciting and delicious culinary that you can find. In addition, this event is also often accompanied by the appearance of music bands and various types of competitions.

To enjoy the holiday atmosphere in Tukad Bindu, you also don’t need to spend a dime. The tourists will not be charged an entrance ticket to visit here. You only need to come to the location in Gang Sikarini, Kesiman Denpasar. Access to this place has also been neatly arranged. So, you will feel comfortable while in Tukad Bindu.

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