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Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Farm Agrotourism, A New Vacation Atmosphere Choice in Bali – There are always new ways to enjoy holiday activities in Bali. You can not only spend vacation moments by relaxing on the beach. You can also fill the opportunity to vacation in Bali by spending time visiting the Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Garden Agrotourism. Here, of course, you get the opportunity to explore the dragon fruit garden to your heart’s content.

Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Garden Agrotourism is a type of tourist destination that is now quite crowded with tourists. Those who come to this fruit garden tourist spot in Bali are generally domestic tourists. Only a handful of foreign tourists who choose to visit this garden. This is quite reasonable, considering the popularity of dragon fruit among foreign tourists is still very low.

Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Farm Agrotourism Becomes a New Tourist Destination in Mengwi

The existence of the Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Garden is still relatively new. The initial idea of ​​developing this garden was carried out eight years ago. The idea arose because of seeing the condition of the land that was not taken care of. In fact, fertile land has the potential so that the land can have functions and financial benefits. This orchard, which belongs to Ketut Anom Sayoga, is a piece of land that has been passed down from generation to generation through the family.

This land has a very large size, reaching 1 hectare. Overall, the family chose to plant dragon fruit. There is a special reason why they choose this fruit. The main reason is because this fruit has a minimal level of water requirements.

Not only that, dragon fruit is a type of fruit that requires minimal maintenance. In addition, there is still no large dragon fruit plantation area in Badung Regency. Therefore, the development of this project is considered so potential. Moreover, the income that can be obtained is not only in the form of harvests, but also from tourism activities.

Activities in Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Farm Agrotourism

Tourist activities that can be done while in the Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Garden area are also very diverse, including:

  1. Harvest Dragon Fruit

Here, you can find a total of 1,400 dragon fruit trees. The tourists have the opportunity to pick dragon fruit directly from the tree in this place. Equipment for harvesting fruit is also provided by the manager. In fact, you will also be accompanied by a guide who can help with harvesting.

  1. Enjoy Dragon Fruit

You don’t just have the opportunity to harvest dragon fruit at the Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Farm Agrotourism. Visitors are also given the opportunity to enjoy the harvested dragon fruit directly. The price of dragon fruit that can be found here is also quite cheap. You only need to pay with a tag of Rp. 10 thousand per kg.

  1. Photo hunting

You also can’t miss photo hunting activities while in the Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Garden Agrotourism area. You can take beautiful photos in the middle of a neatly arranged row of dragon fruit trees.

Mengwitani Dragon Fruit Garden Agrotourism Location
To get an interesting holiday experience at this dragon fruit garden, you can head to its location in Banjar Batu Sari, Mengwitani Village in Mengwi, Badung Regency. This agro tourism location in Bali will continue to grow. It is possible that you will find new facilities in this place.

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