Swing Uma Pakel

Agro Tourism and Swing Uma Pakel in Tegalalang

Balitraveldiary.com – Tegalalang area is often the choice of destination for tourists. Who want to witness the stunning panorama of rice terraces. Now, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Tegalalang in an interesting way. By visiting Agro Tourism and Swing Uma Pakel. This place is a contemporary agro tourist destination that is now becoming a trend in Bali.

Swing Uma Pakel
Swing Uma Pakel

Agro Tourism Uma Pakel is indeed different from regular agro-tourism. In this place, you have the opportunity to look directly at the coffee garden. And how to process it so that it becomes a cup of delicious coffee. In addition, the tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Tegalalang. Around Uma Pakel in a cool way, using a swing or swing.

Current Swing Rates in Uma Pakel Tegalalang

Trying to swing now while in Uma Pakel has become a must-do activity for tourists. You will find the existence of a swing that has been designed with a high level of security. Every visitor who wants to try to swing, will be accompanied by harness equipment as a means to maintain security.

When using this swing, you will get the experience of enjoying the views of Tegalalang rice terraces in an amazing way. Moreover, this swing has a size that is quite long, so that it will stimulate adrenaline when riding it. Plus, this swing was deliberately placed at the edge of a cliff. To try this swing, you need to pay around 150 thousand.

Instagramable Photo Hunting at Agro Tourism and Swing Uma Pakel

In addition to offering contemporary swing locations, rows of other facilities can also be utilized. As well as current destinations, Uma Pakel provides a special location that allows visitors to hunt for instagramable photos on the available spots. There are a number of spots for selfies that you can find while you’re here.

Swing Uma Pakel
Swing Uma Pakel

The favorite selfie spot for visitors who are often used is bird nest. At this location, you can pose as if you were in a unique giant bird’s nest. Moreover, you can find bird nests that are designed similar to humming bird nests or ordinary bird nests. In addition, you can also enjoy panoramic views of Tegalalang with a bird view point of view from a bamboo viewing post.

If you are satisfied hunting instagramable photos at Uma Pakel, you should not go straight home. There are still activities that are not less exciting while in this place. Every visitor will have the opportunity to taste 7 types of coffee for free. If you want you can also try a cup of civet coffee which is often referred to as the world’s most expensive coffee. It’s just that you can’t get this coffee for free.

The coffees presented in front of the visitors are coffee products harvested from Uma Pakel’s own garden. They have a fairly large garden area, measuring 40 meters x 40 meters. The location of the garden which is in the highlands, makes this place very suitable to be used as a coffee bean planting area.

Bali Uma Pakel Agrotourism and Swing Locations

If you are interested in trying out the latest swing experience and free coffee at Uma Pakel. You can visit the address on Jalan Raya Tegalalang. This place is open every day, from 7am to 7pm. The location of this place is in an area with several other agro tourism destinations, including Alas Harum Bali.

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