Heavenly Chocolate Bali

Heavenly Chocolate Bali, Japanese-Style Chocolate

Balitraveldiary.com – Who doesn’t like chocolate souvenirs? Moreover, if the chocolate is obtained has a taste like the name of Chocolate that melts when it enters the mouth. Bali turned out to have chocolate souvenirs that deliberately made by Royce’s Chocolate Names. The souvenir product is Heavenly Chocolate Bali.

Comes with recipes like the Name Chocolate, Heavenly Chocolate does offer a different chocolate flavor from regular chocolate. The ingredients used for the process of making chocolate are not ordinary chocolate. The chocolates used are specifically imported from Belgium. In addition, Heavenly Chocolate deliberately added elements of Bali to its present souvenirs.

Heavenly Chocolate Bali
Heavenly Chocolate Bali

What Makes Heavenly Chocolate Bali Different from Other Chocolates?

When you first see the appearance of this contemporary chocolate, the impression looks different from other chocolates. You will find Heavenly Chocolate packed in two types of sizes, namely square and rectangular. Both types of packaging, both offer a premium and luxurious. On the outside, the packaging used is also not too tacky, just using a combination of yellow and black.

Next, you will find Japanese kanji written on this package. When watching the article, you might assume that Heavenly Chocolate is a chocolate product from Japan. In fact, this chocolate is entirely a product of Bali. The words in the kanji are one of the ways Heavenly Chocolate brings up the image of contemporary chocolate from Japan.

How to open the chocolate packaging is quite easy. You just have to take the top part. After that, you will find a prick which is a tool to enjoy this contemporary chocolate. Not only that, you will also get chocolate powder in color according to the type of flavor ordered. You can sprinkle this powder on the chocolate when you want to enjoy Heavenly Chocolate.

Now that you know about the modern and premium packaging methods, how to enjoy chocolate is indeed different. As mentioned, you must first sprinkle the cocoa powder. Next, don’t take chocolate by hand, but with a prick. There is no need to slice chocolate either, because in the packaging, each chocolate is already cut. So, you just stab and enjoy it.

Choice of Heavenly Chocolate Flavors

As a contemporary chocolate, Heavenly Chocolate offers chocolate souvenir products in various flavors. Because this chocolate uses inspiration from the name Chocolate which originated in Japan, it’s no wonder that you will also find Japanese flavor options. There are 2 choices of typical Japanese flavors in today’s chocolate, namely matcha or green tea and taro.

Heavenly Chocolate Bali
Heavenly Chocolate Bali

In addition to Japanese special flavors, you can also find other chocolate choices, namely 54.5 percent dark chocolate, caramel milk, and dark rum. Besides being able to taste one flavor, there are also mix flavors that allow you to try chocolate with two flavors on one package. Then what about the taste? For a square package weighing 170 grams, this chocolate is pegged with a tag ranging from Rp.115 thousand to Rp140 thousand. Meanwhile, the length measuring 330 grams is pegged at a price between Rp190 thousand to Rp245 thousand.

Then, what if you are interested in ordering this present chocolate? Unfortunately, there are currently no offline stores from Heavenly Chocolate. The producers only provide these contemporary chocolate products through online stores, which you can find either via Facebook or Instagram. Interested?

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