Ngaben Bali

The uniqueness of Ngaben ceremony in Bali – Ngaben is a cremation ceremony carried out by Hindus in Bali. This ceremony is intended to purify the spirits of deceased family members who are going to the final resting place.

Ngaben Bali
Ngaben Bali

The word “cremation” has the meaning of provision or ashes, all of which aim to refer to the final release of human life. In Hinduism, besides being believed to be the creator god, Lord Brahma also has the form of a God of Fire. So the cremation ceremony is the process of cleansing the spirit by burning it using fire to get back to the creator. The burning fire is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Brahma who can burn all the impurities attached to the bodies and spirits of the deceased.

Ngaben mass ceremony is intended for families who are less able so that the bodies of their ancestors can be purified or cleaned in accordance with the teachings of Hinduism. With this mass cremation, underprivileged families can carry out the ritual by paying 2.5 million rupiahs or even free if they really cannot afford it.

The Ngaben ceremony will begin with a procession from the families. Each family brings a photo of the deceased or the body to be harvested. The sound of the Balinese gamelan accompanied the group to the Ngaben location. After the body is harvested or burned, the remaining ash from the burning of the body is inserted into the ivory coconut fruit and then is dissolved into the sea or river which is considered sacred.

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