Jembrana Pecangakan Park

Witness the beauty of Jembrana Pecangakan Park – Vacation to the beach while in Bali has become a mainstream activity. If you want to find a different holiday experience at the same time cheap, you can consider visiting the beautiful city park in Bali. There are many fascinating city parks on this island, Taman Pecangakan Jembrana is one of them. In fact, you could say Taman Pecangakan is one of the most beautiful city parks in Bali.

Jembrana Pecangakan Park
Jembrana Pecangakan Park

Not without reason many people call Taman Pecangakan as one of the prettiest urban parks in Bali. This park has characteristics that you will not find in other city parks. The specific characteristic referred to is the existence of a majestic statue, known as the Dewa Ruci Statue in the middle of the park. This statue depicts the struggle of the Milky get holy tirta water.

Privileges of the Pecangakan Negara Park

Pecangakan Park that you can find while driving from Denpasar to Negara City, does have its own features compared to other parks. The specialty is the effort to combine the high art elements that are the hallmark of Bali with advanced technology. As a result, Taman Pecangakan is often the location of tourists’ stopovers.

Jembrana Pecangakan Park
Jembrana Pecangakan Park

The Dewa Ruci statue in Pecangakan Park was deliberately designed in detail using concrete material, making it look sturdy. The robustness is very much in accordance with the character of Bima in the Mahabarata story who is a heroic figure. In addition, you will also find a technologically advanced water fountain that is intentionally designed around the Statue of Dewa Ruci.

Advanced technology in the water fountain in Pecangakan Park, makes this city park look so attractive at night. The tourists can watch the shower performances with stunning lighting effects. With the beauty of the panorama which is a blend of works of art and high technology, many tourists are interested in taking selfies in this place.

As a park area in a public place, tourists do not need to pay an entrance ticket to get beautiful photos at Pecangakan Park. It’s just that you need to be careful if you want to take pictures in this place. The main reason is, because the location of Taman Pecangakan is at a busy intersection of traffic. Therefore, tourists are advised to come at night when the traffic is quiet.

The Badung Regency Government itself did not design the Pecangakan Park as a selfie tourism destination. The existence of Pecangakan Park is specifically designed specifically for aesthetic facilities. Its existence, aims to beautify Bali which is currently known as the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

Location of Jembrana Pecangakan Park

Tourists who want to see the beauty of Pecangakan Park more closely, can find it on the path that connects Denpasar City to Nusa Dua. You will find this park known as Simpang Siur Dewa Ruci, which is on Jl. By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai.

As mentioned, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket to enjoy vacation time at Pecangakan Park. However, be careful with the traffic crowd. In addition, try to come at night. In addition to the rather quiet atmosphere, the beauty of the Dewa Ruci Statue will also look maximal.

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