La View Restaurant Ubud

La View Restaurant Ubud, Romantic Dining Spot – Vacation to Ubud Bali is often the top choice for tourists. The reason is that Ubud does not only have beautiful views. Here, tourists can find a lot of exciting and interesting activities. Not only that, tourists can also choose Ubud as a romantic vacation location. One proof of romanticism that you can find when dining out at La View Restaurant Ubud.

La View Restaurant is a romantic restaurant that offers a dining experience dining on the banks of the Ayung River. The restaurant, located in one of the romantic hotels in Ubud, namely Kupu Kupu Barong, offers a special culinary experience. Moreover, the atmosphere of this restaurant feels natural with entertainment in the form of the rush of water flow and the sound of wild birds chirping.

A Special and Romantic Dining Atmosphere at La View Restaurant Ubud

When you are at La View Restaurant, you will find the existence of a dining area in an indoor and outdoor location. When choosing to eat in an outdoor area, you can enjoy the fresh air of natural and green. In addition, the view of the Ayung River with all the naturalness around it can also be enjoyed without any obstruction.

Furthermore, the area in the room does not allow you to directly witness the beauty of the Ayung River. The indoor dining area offers a luxurious atmosphere of the room. This room is also accompanied by a large glass window. The existence of a large window, making the guests inside can also enjoy the beauty of the Ayung River while enjoying a dish at La View Restaurant.

For those of you who want a different dining experience at La View Restaurant, the restaurant also provides an opportunity to enjoy dining with a private atmosphere. There are 3 private dining package options that you can find. You can choose to taste good food at La View Restaurant with the atmosphere of an infinity pool, birds nest, and eagle nest. All of these places specifically offer a view of the Ayun River.

In addition, you can also find dining experiences that are different from the Indian atmosphere while in this restaurant. The restaurant provides a dining package called the namaste romantic dinner. On this romantic dinner opportunity, you will be invited to enjoy a variety of typical Indian dishes that are directly made by chefs from India. So, you have the chance to taste authentic Indian cuisine.

Romantic Dinner at La Kupu Restaurant Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud, How Much Does It Cost?

Then, what about the rates that need to be paid to get a romantic dinner experience at La View Restaurant? The cheapest tariff set by the restaurant is US $ 35 per pax, accompanied by 3 menu options. This rate includes the costs required for the arrangement of flowers and candles that give a more romantic and intimate impression.

If you want to enjoy dinner with more luxurious facilities, you need to pay more. In addition, booking a place can also not be done directly. You need to reserve well in advance. Reservations can be made online, by utilizing the official website of La View Restaurant Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud.

Oh yes, La View Restaurant does not only serve romantic dinner packages for tourists who are on holiday to Bali. The restaurant also provides breakfast and lunch dishes. Interestingly, they also provide lunch and breakfast packages that have a no less romantic atmosphere, suitable for those of you who want to surprise your partner.

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