Kekeb Restaurant

Traditional Balinese cuisine at Kekeb Restaurant – The restaurant with the Alfresco concept that focuses on the use of open areas as a dining dining location does offer an interesting culinary experience. Moreover, if you find it on an island with beautiful views like Bali. There are many alfresco restaurants that you can find here, one of them is Kekeb Restaurant Nusa Dua.

Kekeb Restaurant
Kekeb Restaurant

When you hear the name of this restaurant, you might think that the word kekeb used refers to the kebab menu. However, that assumption is wrong. The word kekeb is used to refer to traditional cooking utensils made from clay which are usually used as a cover. The use of kekeb has become one of the characteristics of how to cook by Balinese people in ancient times.

Combination of Traditional Cooking Ways and Current Places to Eat at Kekeb Restaurant Nusa Dua

The chefs in charge of preparing dishes at Kekeb Bali Restaurant are young professional chefs. The chefs cook using steam and dangdang. Furthermore, the top of the steamer and dangdang will be closed using a cake. Do not miss, saang or firewood are also used deliberately placed in the front dangdang. In addition, there is also some firewood that is placed on top.

It is not only the cooking process that attempts to use traditional cooking methods. Kekeb Restaurant Bali also has a commitment as an environmentally friendly restaurant like the old people. As proof, they chose to serve food with dishes made from clay. In addition, cakes and various other types of additional menus are also served using a base in the form of fragrant pandan leaves.

The traditional impression is then combined with the atmosphere of a contemporary dining area arrangement. As explained earlier, Kekeb Restaurant is an alfresco restaurant. They use an open area on the beach in the Nusa Dua area as a dining venue for visitors. With this atmosphere, guests can enjoy traditional dishes while enjoying beautiful beach views.

It is not enough to stop there. The arrangement of the dining venue is also deliberately done to make the visitors feel at home. They deliberately chose to use bohemian matt and bean bags as a means of seating the visitors. That way, guests will feel comfortable to relax and linger to enjoy the scenery here. At the same time, the presence of bean bags and bohemian matts also provides instagramable photo hunting opportunities.

Menu Options at Kekeb Nusa Dua Restaurant

As already mentioned, you will find a row of traditional foods in various forms when visiting here. For those of you who claim to be vegetarian, can taste the menu karedok or salad. In addition, the restaurant also has a special dish which they call by the name of kekeb duck rice. Another option, there is also a menu of three-flavored carp and fried duck.

Kekeb Restaurant
Kekeb Restaurant

If it’s still lacking, you can also find other menu options such as grilled pork ribs, mixed rice, fried rice, fried noodles, kalasan chicken, soy sauce, or a row of seafood culinary. As a complement, the restaurant also provides a menu of sandwiches, beef burgers, or french fries.

Location of Kekeb Bali Restaurant

You can visit this restaurant at the complete address of ITDC Area Nusa Dua, Lot C-0, Jl. Nusa Dua, Benoa. This restaurant opens at 11 am and closes at 10 pm. So it is not too hot, you can choose to visit in the afternoon or evening. The view, fantastic you know!

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