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Truyan Bali – The location of the tourist object of the village of Trunyan is about sixty kilometers from Denpasar City. The Trunyan Village Cemetery is a cemetery complex that has eleven Random Displays or body protectors. That is just lying around.

Truyan Bali
Truyan Bali

In this place, grow Taru Menyan trees or Menyan trees that are able to neutralize the smell of corpses. And indeed in this place, there was absolutely no smell of corpses. The name Trunyan itself also comes from the name of the tree.

Within the cemetery location, there are three groups of graves classified according to the tradition of Trunyan Village. According to the age of the body, the integrity of the body, and the manner of burial. The first group is called Setra Wayah. Which is the most sacred and best burial place because it contains bodies still intact, not defective and corpses died naturally. Not because of an accident, suicide or killed. The second group is called the young grave which is intended specifically to place the bodies of infants and unmarried adults. And still on condition that the body must be intact and not deformed. While the third group is called setra bantas, specifically for bodies that are not intact and that die unnaturally, for example, due to accidents and suicide.

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