Bali during the Dutch Colonial Period

History of Bali during the Dutch Colonial Period

Balitraveldiary.comHistory records that the Dutch set foot in Indonesia in 1595 under the leadership of Cornelis de Houtman. However, on his arrival, the Dutch troops did not directly fight the entire archipelago. In Bali, the interactions that took place between the local people and the Dutch troops only took place in the 19th century, marked by the Bali War I.

Bali during the Dutch Colonial Period
Bali during the Dutch Colonial Period

Records of the arrival of the Dutch on the island of Bali around the 16th century under the leadership of Cornelis de Houtman. At that time, Dutch troops received positive response from the Balinese. However, at that time the Dutch were not yet interested in building a colony in Bali. The desire to settle and establish in Bali was only owned by the Dutch in the 1800s.

Beginning of Conflict between the Kingdoms of Bali with the Netherlands

Good relations between the Dutch and the kingdoms in Bali deteriorated because they objected to the tradition of captive coral. This tradition is indeed very detrimental to the Netherlands. According to the rules of this tradition, kings in Bali have the privilege of owning or confiscating a ship that was in an accident and eventually stranded in their territory. The ownership rights include the contents therein.

The Dutch East Indies government also made various efforts so that the traditions which harmed them were eliminated. Finally, there was an agreement with the kingdoms in Bali to eliminate the tradition of coral captivity. It’s just not unexpected that the agreement was the beginning of a dispute between the kingdom in Bali and the Netherlands. Moreover, the Kingdom of Buleleng was the party who diligently rejected the agreement.

The Kingdom of Buleleng repeatedly violated the contents of the agreement. The rejection then became the basis for the Government of the Dutch East Indies to carry out military attacks on various regions of the kingdoms in Bali. The military invasion led to various wars between the Balinese kingdom and the Dutch forces.

The Great War of the Balinese People Against the Dutch Army

In the royal era, there were several major battles involving royal troops in Bali with Dutch soldiers. These wars include:

1. Bali War I

The Bali War I was also known as the Buleleng War. This war took place in 1846 between the Dutch Army and the Kingdom of Buleleng. In this battle, the Dutch carried a total of 40 ships and 1,280 soldiers. As a result, the Netherlands did not only succeed in controlling Buleleng with its capital, Singaraja. Karangasem Kingdom was also defeated. The fort then established a fort at Buleleng.

2. Bali War II

The Bali War II was also known as the Jagaraga War (1848-1849). In this battle, the Dutch troops fought the Karangasem Kingdom troops led by I Gusti Ketut Jelantik. In this battle, the Netherlands suffered defeat.

3. Bali War III

This war, known as the Kusamba War, took place in 1849. In this battle, the Dutch succeeded in killing Raja Buleleng and I Gusti Ketut Jelantik from Karangasem. The Dutch also managed to control Jagaraga.

4. Banjar War (1858)

This battle involved Dutch forces against the Balinese people led by Njoman Gempol.

5. Pupung Badung

The Badung Puputan that occurred in 1906 became a major conquest by the Dutch in southern Bali. The Dutch also managed to control the territory of the Kingdom of Badung.

6. Klungkung Puputan

Finally, there was resistance from the Klungkung Kingdom led by Dewa Agung Jambe. He led as many as 200 followers to war until the end in 1908 against the Dutch.

That is history that shows how persistent the struggle of the people of Bali in royal times.

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