Wild Dolphins at Lovina Beach

Say hello to the Wild Dolphins at Lovina Beach in Bali

Balitraveldiary.com – Lovina Beach Bali is not just an ordinary beach. On this beach, you can not only see beautiful beach views decorated with the atmosphere of the morning sunrise. On this beach, tourists have the opportunity to ‘hunt’ wild dolphins. Thanks to this activity, Lovina Beach has become a tourist stopping point on the island of Bali.

Although the sand is not white but black, this beach has a million charms that are not inferior to other beaches that are still on the island of Bali. The life of dolphins swimming in the high seas is one of the attractions of Lovina Beach. Moreover, watching the lives of dolphins in their natural habitat is a far different experience compared to the docile dolphins in the entertainment area.

Wild Dolphins at Lovina Beach
Wild Dolphins at Lovina Beach

Because the ‘hunting’ of dolphins on Lovina Beach can only be done in the morning, then you have to start the journey at dawn. If you don’t want to bother getting up early, you can stay overnight at an inn around the beach. There are many inns around the beach that you can adjust to your budget, from jasmine class to star hotels.

How to watch dolphins

In the morning, dozens of djoekoengs or traditional Balinese boats will drive you to ‘hunt’ for dolphins on Bali’s Lovina Beach. The tariff charged for riding in jukung is around Rp. 100000 with a maximum capacity of 5 people per djoekoeng. But there are also djoekoengs that only contain two to three tourists.

Wild Dolphins at Lovina Beach
Wild Dolphins at Lovina Beach

Ten minutes passed, finally djoekoeng stopped for a moment to see the beauty in the sea. Beautiful sea stars and colorful small fish will also spoil your eyes because the water on the beach is very clear. You can take pictures with a waterproof camera.

As if competing to reach the dolphin hunting spot on Lovina Beach, the djoekoengs walked east for twenty minutes. Then the djoekoeng machine was turned off again after twenty minutes.

After a long time, these djoekoengs were brought back to the west. Shortly thereafter, tourists’ screams echoed when they saw the attraction of dolphins jumping into the air. Fun atmosphere when hunting for dolphins in Lovina Beach is very pronounced.

A group of dolphins around 4 to 5 tails show their prowess in the attraction behind the rising sun. The reddish color of dawn combined with dolphins writhing in the sea and jumping into the air looks very charming. Moreover, this atmosphere does not necessarily exist on other beaches.

Lovina Beach Location in Bali

Located in the village of Kalibukbuk Buleleng, this beach is able to make anyone amazed by its beauty. Its location far from Ngurah Rai Airport is the only barrier to a vacation at this beach. However, this did not stop the tourists’ intention to ‘hunt’ for dolphins on Bali’s Lovina Beach.

How to get to Lovina Beach in Bali

If you want to visit this beach, the trip can start from Denpasar City. From Denpasar, it takes about three hours to travel with a distance of 100 Km. Quite tiring and requires extra energy. The trip to the beach is most easily done by using a private vehicle.

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