Enjoy the Beauty of Lake Batur from Pucak Mangu Mount Catur – Mountain climbing activities in Bali can be a very challenging choice of activities. Usually, climbers often choose Mount Batur or Mount Agung as a choice of climbing locations. However, apart from these two mountains, there are other mountains that are no less beautiful. One of them, you can choose to climb Pucak Mangu Gunung Catur.

The popularity of Mount Catur is still very minimal. Hikers visiting Bali prefer to explore Mount Batur and Mount Agung. At the same time, local people are also less familiar with the existence of this mountain. Yes, the name Mount Catur is not very familiar. The local community is more familiar with Mount Catur as the location of the Pucak Mangu Temple.

The beauty of Mount Catur’s Mount Mangu is not inferior to Mount Agung and Mount Batur

Mount Catur is the fourth highest mountain in Bali, with an altitude reaching 2096 meters above sea level (masl). This mountain is a mountain that is no longer active, its location is in the Bedugul caldera area. Because of its location, you can witness the beauty of Lake Beratan directly from the top of Mount Catur.

Mount Catur is administratively a part of Pelaga Village, Pelaga District. The peak on this mountain is known as Pucak Mangu or Puncak Mangu. Here, stands a temple which is still used as a location for worshiping Balinese Hindus. Therefore, during your hike here, you will meet quite a lot of local people.

The hiking trail to the summit of Mount Catur offers a natural view. The main entrance that can be used to climb Mount Catur is Pelaga Village. In addition, it is said that there are also similar climbing routes starting from the departure point in Besakih. It’s just that, the information on the hiking trail via Besakih is very minimal, so it’s rarely used.

While crossing the hiking trail via Pelaga Village, you will find a route that is still beautiful. The area around Mount Catur is still very natural. The trees felt so shady and soothing. This forest area is also known as a habitat for various types of animals. Often times, you will find the presence of wild monkeys that are quite naughty here.

The tracks on the Mount Catur hiking trail are also friendly enough for beginner climbers. At the starting point of the climb, you will find a fairly gentle path. The atmosphere is green and humid, so you can climb comfortably without overheating. The conditions start to be different when you are at a location near the top which has a fairly steep path.

Special Scenes on the Top of Mount Catur Bali
When you are at the top of Mount Catur, you will find two large trees which are located side by side. Local people call these two trees the entrance to Pucak Mangu Temple. Because of their identical shape, these two trees are often referred to as twin trees.

There are things you must pay attention to when you are in the area of ​​Mount Catur Peak. You need to make sure to act politely. Wear proper clothes like when visiting temples. Remember, here stands an important temple, namely Pura Pucak Mangu. You need to follow the existing rules in order to avoid unwanted things.

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