Lahangan Sweet Karangasem

Lahangan Sweet Karangasem, Destination in East Bali – The natural beauty of Karangasem Regency in the East Bali region makes this area visited by many tourists. The proof, you can find many new tourist destinations that take advantage of the natural beauty in this region. Lahangan Sweet Karangasem is the newest natural tourist destination. That you can find and is currently in the midst of hits.

Lahangan Sweet Karangasem
Lahangan Sweet Karangasem

Lahangan Sweet is a beautiful hill that offers breathtaking views. Here, visitors can simultaneously watch the panoramic sunrise and sunset. Not only that, you can also get views of Mount Agung, Mount Rinjani, and Amed Beach in the distance.

Hunting Cool and Instagramable Photos in Lahangan Sweet East Bali

The land, now called Lahangan Sweet Karangasem, was once known as a barren and dry area. In the dry season, the atmosphere in this area feels very hot. Only a few plants are able to grow here. However, the atmosphere changed drastically when entering the rainy season, the scenery changed to look very beautiful.

Its location on the hill, allowing visitors to get a comprehensive panorama while in Lahangan Sweet. The most hunted moment by tourists when they come to Lahangan Sweet is in the morning and evening. In both of these moments, tourists can watch romantic sunrise and sunset views.

Lahangan Sweet Karangasem
Lahangan Sweet Karangasem

To complement the natural beauty of Lahangan Sweet, various facilities are now available. Here, you can already find the existence of several instagramable photo spots. You can try posing by sitting on a bean bag, a modern viewing post, or sitting relaxing while enjoying the sunset. The atmosphere is more romantic if you come here with your partner.

If you want to relax longer at Lahangan Sweet, you can do it too. Here, the manager has provided a ground camp area that can be used for camping. It’s just that you need to bring your own camping gear if you want to spend the night here. Instead, the manager only provides a generator as a source of lighting at night.

By spending time camping in the camping ground area, you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere in Lahangan Sweet as a whole. You can not only be content to watch the sunset, but you can also casually watch the sunrise panorama. Moreover, the scenery like a painting with the existence of Mount Agung, Rinjani, and Amed Beach, will always accompany your vacation.

How to get to the location of Sweet Bali East Lahala

This newest tourist spot you can visit by going to its location which is located in Banjar Dinas Gulinten which is included in the area of ​​Bunutan Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency. For additional information, Lahangan Sweet is very close to one of the popular attractions in Karangasem, namely Pura Lempuyang which offers a view of exotic Mount Agung, a distance of about 4 km.

To go to this place, you also do not need to be confused in paying admission. The manager intentionally imposed a voluntary levy. That way, the entrance fee that is set will not be burdensome for tourists. On the other hand, the tourists can also contribute directly to maintain the continuity of this current tourist destination.

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