Samsara coffee Denpasar

Samsara coffee Denpasar, The Instagramable place

Balitraveldiary.comCoffee shops do not only have to provide delicious coffee. The atmosphere of a comfortable and instagramable place is also a means to attract the attention of visitors. If you go to Bali, there are many contemporary coffee shops that offer a comfortable coffee experience. One of them is Samsara Kopi Denpasar.

Samsara coffee Denpasar
Samsara coffee Denpasar

The convenience that is in this coffee shop, making it a fun location to do various activities. You can just choose this place as a means to gather with friends or relatives. At the same time, the calm and comfortable atmosphere in it also provides a fun place option for those of you who want to do office tasks differently.

Exterior and Interior that is Instagramable at Samsara Kopi Bali

When you see the exterior appearance of this cafe, you will immediately be blown away. On the outside, you will find a building design that is indeed simple. However, the right way of structuring, making this building look so attractive. You will find a garden area located under the canopy. Furthermore, you can also find a seating area in a semi-open room on the outside.

Samsara coffee Denpasar
Samsara coffee Denpasar

Entering the inside, there is an area that looks so wide without any wall insulation. Again, the way the coffee shop designs the room doesn’t look special either. They just want to display industrial interior design on the inside of the coffee shop. This was evidenced by the use of wood parquet on the floor and brick walls. The atmosphere is also enhanced by the use of hanging lamps.

The seating arrangement also gives visitors a comfortable feeling at the coffee shop. You can find the use of a minimalist and contemporary small seat. There are also bean bag chairs that offer a comfortable and instagramable impression. As a complement, the coffee shop utilizes a small-sized wooden table to beautify the room.

Various Tasty menus at Samsara Coffee Shop Denpasar

Like other coffee shops, Samsara Kopi provides coffee served in various forms. You can try brewed coffee with Vietnam drip, capucino, and various other types of drinks. If you are reluctant to drink coffee, there are also other drinks that you can taste, including macha greentea, lychee mint, red velvet, and others.

The choice of food available is equally varied. It’s just that the menus that you can get here are western food and contemporary menus, such as french fries, grilled chicken, toast, pop chicken, indomie mozarella, fried ice cream, or mozzarella pizza. All menus are served with relatively cheap prices.

As a complement, the coffee shop also provides comfort for you to be able to linger. How, they provide free internet access that can be connected via a wireless network. With a reliable connection, you can spend time to this place when you want to complete office work.

Location and Opening Hours of Samsara Coffee
This cafe can be found located at Jalan Tukad Barito Timur No. 35, Panjer, Denpasar Selatan, Bali Province. You can choose to relax in this Denpasar coffee shop in the range between 10 am to midnight.

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