Tofu Caravan Baturiti

Tofu Caravan Baturiti, Healthy Restaurant with Tofu – Tofu is one type of traditional food that can be found in various regions in the country. Made from the main ingredient in the form of soybeans, tofu is one type of healthy food. With the right way, tofu can be processed into a delicious dish. If in Bali, there is one place that offers a delicious tofu menu in various types of cuisine, namely Cafe Know Caravan Baturiti.

Tofu Caravan Baturiti
Tofu Caravan Baturiti

The name of Cafe Tahu Caravan in Bedugul has actually been known since a few years ago. This cafe offers a restaurant area with a very large size. You will find parks with various types of plants that make eating and dining activities more comfortable. Plus, processed tofu dish that you can find here, can be guaranteed deliciousness.

Know Your Own Processed Results at Bedugul Caravan Tofu Cafe

Tahu in Cafe Tahu Caravan is guaranteed to be healthy and highly nutritious. You don’t need to worry about getting tofu with an unpleasant taste or containing dangerous ingredients. All types of tofu that you will find here are the products of the cafe itself. They make the tofu with selected soybeans.

Furthermore, the homemade tofu results are processed into various types of cuisine. That way, you will get dishes with high protein intake when dining eating at this restaurant. Rows of available menus also make this cafe a stopover while on vacation to Bedugul with family.

Spacious dining area with convenient facilities at Cafe Tahu Caravan Baturiti

You don’t need to worry about comfort while enjoying tofu served at Tahu Caravan Cafe. As mentioned, Cafe Tahu Caravan offers a large dining area. At some point in the restaurant area, you will find a kind of gazebo that can be used as a dining area. There, you can eat food by way of Lesbian.

Tofu Caravan Baturiti
Tofu Caravan Baturiti

The dining atmosphere can also be done comfortably. Around the gazebo, there are plants and shade trees that ensure the atmosphere remains cool. Moreover, the Baturiti area is one of the highland areas that has cool air. In addition, you will also find facilities such as fish ponds or swings that allow children to wait for food without getting bored.

Creative Menu Options at Cafe Know Caravan Bali

As already mentioned, you will find many variations of culinary all-round tofu during a visit to Cafe Tahu Caravan. The definite menu that you must taste while here is tofu crispy which is admittedly delicious by many visitors. In addition, there are also other menu lines that are not less tasty and are proof that the manager of Cafe Tahu Caravan is very creative.

Here, you will find soft dishes made with tofu ingredients. There is also Thai-style sweet tofu, in the form of fried tofu accompanied by sweet and sour sauce. You can get other all-round menu options by ordering vegetable steam tofu, which is a mixture of tofu with various types of vegetables.

In addition you can eat directly, the Cafe Know Caravan also provides tofu wrapped for souvenirs. When else can you get home made tofu made with natural ingredients and taste delicious on the tongue?

For those of you who want to experience directly the taste of processed tofu in Cafe Tahu Caravan, you can visit the address on Jalan Raya Denpasar – Singaraja (Baturiti). You can take the time to enjoy culinary in this restaurant when you are traveling to tourist destinations in Bedugul.

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