Be Genyol Men Sedu

Warung Be Genyol Men Sedu, only IDR 20 thousand – Stalls that provide genyol can be found in various places in Bali. Be genyol usually obtained at a cheap price. However, whether the stall is able to provide a portion of rice to be chewy that can satisfy the stomach? At Warung Be Genyol Men Sedu, you can find cheap and delicious Genyol Rice.

Be Genyol Men Sedu
Be Genyol Men Sedu

Genyol rice is a traditional food from Bali which is made with the main ingredients of meat and pork skin. This food has a taste that is no less delicious than pork roll. Therefore, many pork lovers in Bali hunt for this food. A large portion of side dishes and rice, makes Warung Men Sedu favored by cheap food hunters.

Simple Warung at Men Sedu

Having a reputation as a favorite genyol stall does not mean that you will find a large restaurant building. Warung Men Sedu is known as a simple food stall in the Tabanan area. The arrangement of places to eat at Warung Men Sedu is far from luxurious. Instead, you will find a family atmosphere amidst the simplicity of the stall.

This Sedu Men Warung uses a long table. The long table becomes a place to dine the diners together. So, while here, visitors can eat at the table with other visitors. Dining table designs like this, encourage interaction of the visitors. Therefore, it is not surprising that the atmosphere at Warung Men Sedu looks full of family.

Menu Options at Warung Be Genyol Men Sedu

When in this place, the menu that can be ordered is only in the form of genyol. It’s just that, you will find several variants of the menu to be bland during the Warung Men Sedu. There are 2 choices of Be Genyol rice that can be obtained, which are Genyol Be Rice and Double Genyol Rice. The difference in the two types of rice is genyol lies in the side dishes.

Be Genyol Men Sedu
Be Genyol Men Sedu

Side dishes that can be found on the genyol be rice in this simple stall is quite diverse. You can find side dishes in the form of lawar which are then accompanied by pork satay, and genyol. When ordering regular benyol, you will only get one skewer and a piece of pork skin. However, for ordering double genyol rice, get more satay and pork skin.

The price of a portion of rice is genyol in Men Sedu’s stall is also quite cheap. Ordinary genyol rice, you can eat enough to spend Rp13 thousand. Meanwhile, double genyol rice, pegged at a slightly more expensive price, precisely Rp17 thousand. In addition to being able to come directly, you can also choose to order rice genyol through the online application.

The location of Warung Men Sedu Tabanan

You can find this cheap food stall at Dauh Pekeh Gang III, Tabanan District, Tabanan Regency. To go to the location of the stall, you can use the benchmark Dauh Pala Market. From the market location, you only need to walk about 4 minutes to get to the location of the shop.

You can also choose to visit Sedu Warung Men anytime. This shop is open from the morning at 08.00 until midnight.

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