Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak

Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak, Korean-style BBQ Party – Enjoying a barbecue or barbecue (BBQ) is a fun way to eat with friends and family. If you choose a place to eat BBQ in Bali, there is one place you can consider, namely Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak. Here, you who claim to be a lover of culinary grills, many offerings of Korean-style BBQ.

Bro Grill and Chill offers various types of grills, both meat and vegetables. To enjoy a meal here, you can enliven your time with friends and family. Moreover, on the occasion of exciting cooking together. BBQ party opportunity here, can be a moment to get closer family members and friends.

Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak
Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak

Cozy Semi Open atmosphere at Bro Grill and Chill Bali

When you enter the Bro Grill and Chill area, you will find a simple atmosphere of the room. Bro Grill and Chill is deliberately designed with a semi-open dining area, in the middle of a garden accompanied by a canopy. You do not need to worry about heat while here. The reason is because Bro Grill and Chill only opens at night, starting at 6 pm until midnight.

The facilities provided by Bro Grill and Chill are also quite complete. When ordering a BBQ package, you will get a set of cooking utensils, using a portable stove. Beautiful garden atmosphere with a row of hanging plants, making this place so pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, the existence of a simple seat which is a combination of wood and iron feels quite comfortable.

Prices and Options of Bro Bali’s Grill and Chill Menu

At Resto Bro Grill and Chill, you find a row of grill menus in various forms. You can find shao kao or BBQ. Shao kao itself is a type of satay stabbed with a skewer. You can find vegetable shao kao, shao kao chicken, shao kao pork, pork bacon, beef bacon, or enoki (pork or beef).

Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak
Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak

You can get shao kao chicken meat for just Rp 8 thousand. While shao kao is vegetable, only Rp. 4 thousand. Meanwhile, enoki is the most expensive type of shao kao, in the form of mushrooms wrapped in bacon, for Rp. 17 thousand. In addition, you can also find Korean-style BBQ carte packages that are pegged at an average of Rp. 45 thousand and Rp. 50,000.

Kalbi beef ala carte package containing 5 pieces of meat, pegged with a price tag of Rp 50,000. Beef 3-piece bacon, pork bacon containing 3 pieces of meat, and pork belly. Three other ala carte BBQ packages, you can get with a tag of Rp. 45 thousand.

Location of Bro Grill and Chill Seminyak

You can find this special grill place at Jl. Kunti II Number 5, Seminyak. The location is not far from the Sunset Road area which is famous as a famous tourist destination in Seminyak. The location of Bro Grill and Chill is also close to some of the leading culinary in Bali, such as Kilo Bali, Warung Babi Guling Pak Malen, or Mama San.

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