Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach, A quiet vacation spot – There are many hidden beaches on the island of Bali. One of them is Bingin Beach. This beach is not very familiar among domestic tourists, but is very famous in the eyes of foreign tourists. This is because it is hidden and requires extra energy to get to the location.

Bingin Beach is full of serenity and fresh beach air, is a natural therapy so that our minds can be fresh again. For surfing lovers, the waves here are worth a try. Because when the tide is high, the big waves can reach a height of 5-8 meters. For those who don’t like surfing, you can enjoy the beach while swimming or snorkeling because the beach is quite shallow and the water is very blue.

Bingin Beach does not have a wide slope, this is what distinguishes it from other beaches. The best time to come is during high tide or during the day. If the tide is low, visitors can enjoy a small pool with calm currents on the edge of the beach. You can spend time on the beach while waiting for the sunset. The moment of sunset becomes a beautiful photo object to be captured.

Even though it is called one of the hidden beaches on the island of Bali, Bingin Beach has complete supporting facilities, you know. Especially because this beach is visited by many foreign tourists who are looking for the perfect hideaway vacation location. The white sand at Bingin Beach is quite coarse in texture, and is surrounded by high cliffs. On top of the towering cliffs grow green trees that look beautiful from a distance.

There are already many accommodations available that are specially built to satisfy beachgoers. You can find several inns and private villas with affordable prices starting from Rp. 150,000 during low season and during high season it can increase to Rp. 250,000. Making this place a vacation location with family is quite interesting with the existence of these inns.

There are also cafes or food stalls that provide food and drinks, so visitors don’t need to be afraid of starving here. If you can’t swim or surf, don’t worry. There are many tourists who sit and relax at the cafe while enjoying the drinks offered. Especially if you visit there in the afternoon.

Location of Bingin Beach in Bali

This tourist attraction is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency. It is about 32 km from Denpasar, after Dreamland beach. The location is on a coastline with Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach, Bingin Beach and Padang-Padang Beach. From Denpasar it takes about 1 hour drive.

Access to the beach is quite difficult, after parking the vehicle visitors have to walk down hundreds of stairs to reach the beach. The road is steep and winding, through small alleys. There is no need to pay an entrance ticket to enjoy the beauty of Bingin Beach, but you only need to pay the vehicle parking fee.

If you have never been to this beach, it is recommended to use a rental vehicle with a driver, to avoid getting lost looking for the location of the beach. Because the location of the vehicle parking is quite far from the beach, so don’t forget to lock the vehicle properly.

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