Padang-padang Beach

Padang-padang Beach, Hidden Exoticism in South Bali – In addition to the beaches that are used to become tourist destinations such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Sanur, Bali also has exotic hidden beaches. These beaches are not widely exposed to the public and only spread by word of mouth among the backpacker community. One of these beaches is Padang-padang Beach. Although later his reputation began to be lifted by the film Eat, Pray, Love, starring senior actress Julia Roberts, this beach still offers exclusive comfort that is difficult to obtain on popular beaches like Kuta.

Padang-padang Beach
Padang-padang Beach

Padang-padang beach is at the westernmost end of the Uluwatu Peninsula, about an hour’s drive from Denpasar. Access to the beach is at the end of Jalan Uluwatu, right on the right (north) from the entrance gate to Uluwatu Temple. From the main road, travel to the parking area approximately 1 kilometer. From the parking area, visitors must walk approximately 500 meters down the hill, passing souvenir stalls, until they reach a gap of coral rocks with cement stairs that lead to a beach section protected by giant cliffs.

From under this gap, the road to the beach area splits into two lanes. The left path passes through the coral passageway. Through this pathway, visitors will find open beach sections. Here, foreign tourists usually spend time sunbathing on the beach or surfing enjoying the waves.

Meanwhile, if you walk through the right hand lane, visitors will find a shaded beach section. The beach on this side is protected by towering cliff walls. This beach segment is often used as a place for surfing or swimming. When dusk approaches, this beach side becomes a great place to enjoy the panoramic sunset.

Because the flow of visitors is not too crowded and dominated by foreign tourists, this beach gives a sensation as if you were on a private beach. There are no stalls or stalls that ruin the natural scenery offered by this beach. The white sand and relatively awake from the trash add to the beauty of this beach.

On the cliffs that surround the beach, there are several cafes that can be a place to unwind after swimming or surfing. The cafes offer stunning views, especially at sunset. For photography enthusiasts, this is a great place to produce beautiful images.

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