Pesan Be Pasih

Pesan Be Pasih, Special Bali Pepes Seafood – Pepes culinary has become a type of food that is very well known by the people of Indonesia. Pepes can be made in various types of ingredients, including marine fish. Every region in Indonesia has its own version of pepes, including Bali. Well, this culinary will be found when you taste the menu which is known by the name of the message be pasih Bali.

Pesan Be Pasih
Pesan Be Pasih

The message has the appearance and method of making that is not much different when compared with pepes. As one of the seafood preparations, of course the main ingredient needed for each making is sea fish. You can find messages that are made from various types of sea fish. However, make sure that the fish chosen have thick meat, for example skipjack fish, mahi-mahi, tuna, and others.

Message Be Pasih Bali That Has Similarities with Tum Culinary

When you look at this food, you might find a lot of similarities between messages that fit with tum. Moreover, both types of traditional Balinese culinary are both wrapped in banana leaves. Even so, there are striking differences that you can find if you look at the outside appearance.

Balinese people make traditional culinary tum by steaming. However, it is different if they cook the message correctly. This traditional cuisine is made by baking. That way, on the outside, you can find there are parts of banana leaves that are charred, burnt.

Not only that, there are also differences in the types of seasoning used. Tum typical of Bali using a bumu known as the big base. This basic seasoning is made using kencur. Meanwhile, the message is still made by using a basic spice known as beih base.

The bee base is made with the aim to bring out the maximum taste of sea fish meat. In it, it is also accompanied by seasoning which has the function of eliminating the fishy fishy odor. The spice in question is turmeric, and is not accompanied by ingredients laos or kencur.

How to Make a Message Be Pasih Typical of Bali

The process of creating messages is not too difficult. For making base spices, you need to mix various ingredients such as garlic, cayenne pepper, onion, turmeric, shrimp paste, and salt. The use of bay leaves aims to make food taste more fragrant.

Next, you need to prepare the fish meat used to make the message fit. The meat must first be cleaned, then cut into cubes. After that, pieces of fish meat can be mixed with spices that have been refined.

At this stage, you just wrap the seasoning mixture that has been mixed with fish meat with banana leaves. Wrap with elongated round shape. Next, you only need to take the final step, which is to bake the correct message.

The most delicious way to present the message is pasih accompanied by warm rice. However, in ancient times, you will find different ways of presenting. The ancient Balinese people used to eat the message that was accompanied by boiled cassava or using moran rice.

In Bali, you can easily find this food. Because the manufacturing process uses processed marine ingredients, the message can still be halal culinary for Muslim tourists, you know!

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