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Ogoh-ogoh Parade, Joy of Nyepi Folk Festival
Ogoh-ogoh Parade, Joy of Nyepi Folk Festival – Ahead of Nyepi Day, Hindu communities undergo a number of special rituals which are essentially efforts to purify themselves and the environment. On 2-4 days before Nyepi, the community purifies themselves and the worship device is temple through the Melasti Ceremony. Meanwhile, one day before Nyepi, the blind Yadnya (Bhuta Yajna) ritual was […]

Balinese Mask, Traditional Performing Arts – Traditional performing arts have a special and unique role in Balinese culture. Arts like dance and theater do not merely function as entertainment. Some of them become complementary components of religious rituals or even positioned as rituals themselves. This diversity of functions makes Balinese art so rich in variety and variety. One manifestation […]

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