Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan

Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan, Dessert Lovers Paradise in Bali

Balitraveldiary.com – As a place that is often the main consideration for tourists, Bali offers complete facilities. No exception for culinary connoisseurs. Here, you can find not only a row of traditional food stalls that provide heavy food. Not a few shops that specifically provide a delicious dessert menu. One of them is Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan.

Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan
Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan

Yamuna Bali Pastry is the center of a delicious dessert that is already quite well known among sweet food lovers. Here, you won’t find heavy food. Instead, there are rows of cakes and sweet cakes that are interesting to try. In addition, the atmosphere of the dining place is also quite comfortable with a natural feel.

Natural Atmosphere and Limited Seating in Bali’s Yamuna Pastry

When entering the area inside Yamuna Pastry, you will be invited to find a room with a very natural atmosphere. In fact, the atmosphere inside the Yamuna Pastry room is like a garden. The management seems to deliberately present that natural impression. Moreover, the plants they use are not synthetic plants, but native plants.

Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan
Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan

It’s just that, the opportunity to enjoy the natural atmosphere and a delicious dessert at Yamuna Pastry cannot be done by everyone. The main reason is because the space and seating in this shop is very limited. Seating capacity in Yamuna Pastry can only be used for at least 20 people. Therefore, it is not surprising that here often visitors queue appears.

The green and calm atmosphere inside Yamuna Pastry, often makes the guests feel at home for long hanging out. Moreover, in the middle area of ​​the room, you can also find a fountain that increasingly makes the atmosphere more soothing. Not only is it convenient to use as a hangout with friends, you can also choose this place for a relaxed work location.

Dessert Menu Prices and Options at Yamuna Pastry Kerobokan

The choices of sweet desserts at Yamuna Pastry are numerous. You can find various types of modern cakes made with selected ingredients. You can try a cake called the unique klepon cake. In addition, you can also taste the nastar cake or ice jazzed cake. Then, there is also a red velvet cake, belgian cheese cake, and others.

Regarding the price, this restaurant offers not too expensive a tariff. The price per cake slice is set at around Rp. 40 thousand. With these prices, you will get a piece of cake with a size large enough. Guaranteed, you will not be disappointed with the taste of the cake served by Yamuna Pastry Bali. As proof, many visitors who claimed to want to return to this place.

Location and Opening Hours of Yamuna Pastry Bali

You can find this pastry shop located at Jl. Tegal Cupek II, Banjar Anyar Kelod in the Kerobokan area, Badung. It’s just that you can’t visit and eat delicious cakes here every day. Please note, Yamuna Bali Pastry is only open on weekends. Open time is also quite limited, in the range between 12 noon to 7 pm.

In addition, you also need to pay close attention to the vehicle that was brought when it came here. Vehicle parking locations in Yamuna Pastry are very limited. Therefore, visitors are advised not to bring cars for convenience. Instead, consider driving by public transportation or two-wheeled vehicles.

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