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Bali Dojo in Canggu

Bali Dojo in Canggu, Coworking Space at Affordable Prices – Today’s online business and startup fever is indeed directly affecting the work culture of the Indonesian people. Nowadays, work can not only be done at the office, but can be done from anywhere. Therefore many coworking spaces have sprung up that can be utilized by freelancers and online businesses. In Bali, there is one coworking space that deserves to be considered, namely the Bali Dojo in Canggu.

Bali Dojo in Canggu
Bali Dojo in Canggu

Its location in the Canggu area provides a comfortable and relaxed working atmosphere. Moreover, Canggu is currently known as the newest tourist destination that is bustling with tourists. The choice of tourist attractions in Canggu is also very varied, including the Berawa Beach, Canggu Beach, and a row of other beautiful beaches. With such an atmosphere, you can still work comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere while on vacation.

Complete and Comfortable Facilities at Coworking Space Dojo Bali Canggu

As a coworking space that is quite crowded in Canggu, Dojo Bali offers a different working atmosphere when compared to an office. The manager of the Bali Dojo intentionally designed the room normally occupied by his guests like a cafe. That way, guests who come to complete office work in it, can work in a relaxed and comfortable.

Coworking space Bali Dojo is accompanied by a small swimming pool that gives a calm atmosphere. In addition, the Bali Dojo building is also made with buildings made of bamboo. Bali Dojo also provides sufficient supporting facilities. You can find supporting facilities such as internet access through WiFi networks, stable electricity networks, or a comfortable workplace.

As a complement, the Bali Dojo also provides extra facilities for guests who want to simultaneously look for lodging. Lodging facilities at Dojo Bali can be occupied by paying a fee per week or per month. That way, you will not be too heavy in issuing tariffs for lodging. For example, a queen room is pegged at a rate of only US $ 406 per week or equivalent to Rp5.7 million per week.

Bali Cow Doing Space Dojo Rates

Then, what about the costs that need to be spent to use the services of Bali Dojo coworking space? Bali Dojo set the lowest tariff of Rp800 thousand for 30 hours of service usage. However, you can also find service packages that provide unlimited access to freelancers and online businesses, such as the Unlimited package with a tariff of Rp2.9 million or an off peak package of Rp1.3 million.

Bali Dojo in Canggu
Bali Dojo in Canggu

Interestingly, freelancers and domestic online business people or those who have Indonesian ID cards can use the Bali Dojo service at a much more affordable rate. The manager of the Bali Dojo freely gives a 50 percent discount for each visitor who has an Indonesian ID card. The method is very easy, just show it directly. In addition, this discount also applies to all types of packages offered by Bali Dojo.

Coworking Space Dojo Bali location in Canggu

For you freelancers and online business people who are on a vacation trip to Bali and want to take advantage of the services of Dojo Bali, you can visit them at the address Jl. Batu Mejan Number 88, Canggu. Coworking space is open to anyone for 24 hours. The location of this coworking space is also very strategic, not far from the Canggu business district and popular tourist destinations such as Echo Beach.

That’s the coworking space solution that can be utilized by travelers who want to be able to work comfortably while on holiday to Bali. Thanks to the existence of coworking space like this, holidays can still be productive, you know!

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