Warung Lais

Delicious Super-Selling Seafood at Warung Lais

Balitraveldiary.comCulinary made from seafood or seafood does always offer its own taste. Therefore, it makes sense that many people claim to be seafood lovers. As an area surrounded by the sea, Bali has become one of seafood lovers’ paradise. On this island, you can easily find delicious culinary seafood. Warung Lais Denpasar is one of them.

Warung Lais
Warung Lais

Warung Lais has long been famous for its super-selling food. Therefore this shop uses the name Warung Lais, which has the meaning of a best-selling shop. This stall is especially famous for its seafood offerings. You can find a row of seafood that is processed in various types of cuisine. In addition, you can also find other traditional culinary that is no less tasty.

Warung Lais which started from Warung Tenda Sederhana

Nowadays, Warung Lais is indeed famous as one of the delicious food stalls in Denpasar. However, the journey to success as one of the famous stalls in Denpasar did not come briefly. There is a hard struggle that has been passed by the owner of Warung Lais. In fact, you would not have thought that at the beginning of its establishment, Warung Lais was only a small tent shop.

Warung Lais condition has now changed 180 degrees. They no longer provide good food using tents. Instead, Warung Lais has a permanent building as high as two floors. The building is able to accommodate visitors in large numbers, reaching 70 people. Therefore, Warung Lais Bali is often used as a means to dine with family or work colleagues.

The atmosphere inside the permanent building owned by Warung Lais, you can eat comfortably. The interior design in Warung Lais’s building is indeed not luxurious. However, the existence of comfortable and well-ordered seating allows visitors to enjoy the dish better, without being interrupted by the noise of motorized vehicles.

Prices and Menu Options at Warung Lais Denpasar

The menu that is a favorite food of visitors to Warung Lais Bali is grilled seafood. You can find various types of processed seafood that can be ordered. Many visitors choose to order grilled fish. This menu is very popular with visitors because the cooked fish is fresh fish, not fish that has been long settled in the refrigerator.

Warung Lais
Warung Lais

If you don’t really like grilled seafood, take it easy. You can find other burn-out menus that are not less delicious. The menu that is often chosen besides grilled fish is grilled chicken. The grilled chicken and fish menu is delicious because it uses the right seasoning. The spices used, really seep into the meat.

The menu prices of grilled fish and grilled chicken at Warung Lais are also friendly in the bag. Grilled chicken weighing 200 grams, you can eat with Rp25 thousand. Meanwhile, grilled fish weighing up to 400 grams, can be enjoyed with money of only Rp55 thousand. There are also other menus, such as grilled shrimp, grilled squid, fried chicken, fried rice, capcay, and the like.

Warung Lais location

You can find Warung Lais open from 10 am to 10 pm. You can find the complete address of Warung Lais on Jl. South Jackfruit Number 193, Denpasar. The location of the stalls is very close to the Jackfruit Roundabout. In addition, you can also use Bali Krisna as a benchmark to go to Warung Lais.
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