Entil and Timbungan

Entil and Timbungan, typical dishes Lemukih Village as it celebrates Nyepi

Balitraveldiary.com – The big day be a good time to be able to enjoy traditional dishes during a holiday to Bali. At that time, the Balinese usually compete to cook culinary specialties will rarely be found on a typical day. Well, if you go to the village Lemukih during Nyepi, you have the opportunity to enjoy a special meal in the form of entil and scales.

Entil and Timbungan
Entil and Timbungan

Community Lemukih The village is located in the District of Sawan, Buleleng has a habit of presenting the menu in the form of entil accompanied by scales. The local community will also compete to make the scale of the day before Nyepi by the Balinese.

Entil and Timbungan become a culinary specials in Bali

Entil be the kind of food that is actually quite prevalent during the holidays to Bali. Entil like diamonds Bali. Only entil be a special type of dish during the celebration of Nyepi. In manufacturing, entil wrapped in leaves called fronds kalangedi.

Kalangedi leaf has a large size that makes pretty much entil. The use of leaf kalangedi not only serves as a wrapper, but it can also bring extra flavor to entil cooked. Therefore, entil has a different flavor than the diamond. As a complement, the Balinese people usually use a rope made of bamboo.

When entil have been tied, the next step is the process of cooking. How to cook entil not too difficult. The cooking process entil only need to boil for about 30 minutes. However, you can also boil entil with longer periods in accordance with its size.

The next step is to cook the scales. In Bali, the scales is not the kind of cuisine, but traditional cooking techniques using bamboo. Typically, bamboo prepared in a size of about 50 centimeters. In bamboo, herbs and even Bali, meat and vegetables are included. In closing, it is usually used the old fern leaf.

The type of meat used to make can be very varied scale. You can find the main ingredient scales made with pork, beef, chicken, duck, and others. Meat options to scale, varying according to the taste of the person who cooked it.

When all the ingredients have been incorporated into the bamboo, the scales are ready to be cooked. To cook the scale was done by roasting or burn at low heat. Duration bake long enough. Typically, the cake scales can take around 1 hour.

Cooking with scales can bring out the distinctive flavor in cooking. In addition, people from Lemukih Village has its own way to be able to choose the right type of bamboo used to make the scales. How to choose the scales bamboo is a hereditary ability by parents of Lemukih Village.

Sense of balance that becomes a side dish to entil usually different between each home. This is according to individual taste. As a moisturizer, people Lemukih used to add spicy chili that induce and create a more delicious entil.

Well, that information about the existence of a unique culinary community in Lemukih village in Buleleng. The existence of this traditional food is evidence that the culture of Bali is still appreciated. Not only that, the culture of Bali is still appropriate and will not be eroded by age.


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