Campuhan Ubud Hill – The view of Campuhan Hill in Ubud is now a new tourist destination that is popular with tourists. Its hidden location, makes this place a favorite location, especially because it can momentarily feel the silence, far from the frenetic urban atmosphere.

Campuhan Ubud Hill
Campuhan Ubud Hill

Bukit Campuhan Ubud not only offers beautiful natural scenery. Refresing on this hill is also able to drive all fatigue. The beautiful scenery on the Bukit Campuhan Ubud is increasingly fun with the neat 2-kilometer trekking track. Breathe the fresh air of Ubud on Mount Campuhan can be an unforgettable story.

Pura Gunung Lebah in Bukit Campuhan Ubud

In the Bukit Campuhan area of ​​Ubud there is a temple called Pura Gunung Lebah, so there is also someone who calls this area as Mount Gunung Lebah. This hill is flanked by two tributaries so that green valleys form lush with tropical trees. The grasses also grow very well so that the eye can only see the refreshing green nature.

In the distance, a palm tree looks snaking in the wind with a beautiful expanse of rice fields. On the other hand, the hotel buildings on the hill cliffs add to the unique nature paintings created.

Cycling activity at Campuhan Hill in Ubud

Entering the Campuhan Hill area, you don’t need to pay an entrance ticket. If you bring a motorized vehicle, you only need to pay Rp 5,000 parking which will later go to the local village treasury. If you want to go down the hill on a paddle bicycle, you can rent a bicycle rental in Ubud with a rental fee of Rp 20,000.

The tour to Bukit Campuhan Ubud is fun to do with a partner. Because of the many young couples who come here, the title Bukit Cinta is also the name of this beautiful hill. But not necessarily with a partner, rollicking with friends is also an exciting tour if spent at Campuhan Hill.

Tips for Traveling to Bukit Campuhan Ubud

Come to Bukit Campuhan all you need to prepare is drinks, snacks, and the most important thing is the camera. Always prepare the camera in full battery position if you don’t want to lose the beautiful moments in Bukit Cinta aka Bukit Campuhan Ubud.

Campuhan Ubud Hill
Campuhan Ubud Hill

Because this hill has a purified temple, it is best for visitors who come while still maintaining ethics and politeness. Cleanliness of the location must also be considered because there are no officers to clean so that tourist awareness is needed.

If you plan to come to Campuhan Hill, it is better to come in the morning or evening because when the morning the air is still very fresh with warm sun. Do not come during the day if you do not want to be exposed to the heat of the sun because there is no shelter.

How to get to the Bukit Campuhan Ubud location

It takes about 1 hour to travel if you depart from Denpasar. Arriving in the center of Ubud, head west towards the Ibah Hotel. Arriving at the Ibah Hotel, turn left toward the derivative road until you reach the front of the vocational school. You can park the vehicle in this school yard then walk about 10 meters. Access road to Bukit Campuhan tour is on the right side of the temple. You can trekking by pedaling a bicycle or walking, it’s just as fun.

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