Endek Bali woven fabric

Motives and Use of Endek Bali woven fabric

Balitraveldiary.com – Woven Endek has a variety of motives and various roles. Some endek cloth motifs are even considered sacred. For example, patra motif and gingerbread. These motifs are only used for temple activities or other religious activities. Then there are endek cloth motifs that should only be used by certain groups, such as parents and aristocracy. Furthermore, there are also motifs with natural nuances that are commonly used for social activities.

Endek Bali woven fabric
Endek Bali woven fabric

Over time, Endek Woven Fabric motifs also develop. Even today, Endek Woven Fabrics can also be varied with other types of fabrics to produce beautiful clothing.

Here are the typical Balinese varieties and motifs on Endek Woven Fabrics:

  • Flora motifs
    This motif is a form of real depiction of the beauty of flora or plants combined with the distinctive artistic design of the Balinese people.
  • Fauna motif
    This motif is a form of real depiction of fauna or animals, both living on land, sea and air.
  • Figurative Motive
    As the name implies, this motif displays or features a figure, whether human, figure, or puppet legend.
  • Decorative Motifs
    Called a decorative motif because this motif is a combination of all existing motifs and then designed in accordance with the beliefs of the Balinese people or stories in wayang
  • Geometric Motifs
    Geometric motifs are motifs formed from a combination of line shapes (straight, broken, and curved) and geometrical fields (squares, round, etc.).

The use of Bali Endek Woven Fabric

1. Usefulness in everyday life

In this modern era, Woven Endek Woven has expanded its use in various circles. This woven fabric has been used as a uniform material, both in private and government agencies. It is also used as a base for various craft products, such as bags, fans, etc. Many also found Endek Woven Fabric used as a tool in decorating the room.

2. Use in social culture

From a review of its social aspects, Endek Woven Fabrics are used as clothing or everyday body coverings for the Balinese people. This weaving can also be used as a symbol of kinship ties (likening braya) and souvenirs to friends and relatives. Even in the community environment around this woven fabric is also lent between neighbors.

From a review of its cultural aspects, Endek Woven Fabric is a fabric used in many important ceremonies of important Balinese customs and religions. As is known, there are 5 important types of religious ceremonies in Bali, or often referred to as Panca Yadnya.

3. Uses in the Economy

As explained earlier, some Balinese people up to this moment depend their lives in making a living by doing weaving activities that have been passed down for generations. Well, in the eyes of the international community, cultural heritage has its own attraction especially in the midst of technological advances today. Traditional and deeply rooted historical and cultural values ​​are highly valued by foreign consumers, especially European and American consumers. Therefore, marketing of Endek Woven Fabric will be more optimal if it is sold as cloth that has historical and cultural values ​​of the Balinese people. Not just a fine cloth made of art.

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