Tahu Dadong Songkeg

Tahu Dadong Songkeg Pedapdapan

Balitraveldiary.com – Home industry products such as tofu can indeed be found easily in various locations. However, if in Bali, you need to visit in person or at least taste the Tofu Dadong Songkeg Pedapdapan that you can find in Gianyar Regency. Tahu Dadong Songkeg is a legendary culinary product that has existed since the Dutch colonial era.

Tahu Dadong Songkeg
Tahu Dadong Songkeg

The founder of Dadong Songkeg is an old woman known as Ni Wayan Songkeg. Wayan Songkeg, who is now old, has founded a tofu production business since ancient times. Because of his very old age, he was called Dadong Songkeg, which means in Balinese is Grandma Songkeg. The call, also indirectly became a brand to know in this place.

History of Tahu Dadong Songkeg

Long History of Tofu Dadong Songkeg Pedapdapan in Gianyar
The existence of the Tofu Dadong Songkeg production business has a much longer life compared to the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia. The legendary Dadong Songkeg in Banjar Pedapdapan Pejeng Village started around 1935. The effort was founded directly by Wayan Songkeg and still continues to survive.

In the manufacturing process, Tahu Dadong Songkeg uses traditional methods. You will not find the use of chemicals, either formalin or other hazardous materials in making Dadong Songkeg Tofu. Instead, the ingredients used for making tofu in this place are soybeans and salt water.

Furthermore, the process of making tofu is done by using a milling machine that is useful for grinding soybeans. The furnace is used as a place to boil soybean grind, belong which is a container for boiling soybeans and at the same time as a mixing place with salt water and filtering.

It’s just that you need to know that the tofu making time is quite long, because it takes soaking soybeans for approximately 3 hours. After soaking, just grinded, boiled, and stirred until cooked. Then, the soybean mixture is filtered and mixed with salt water. Next, the manufacturing process is planting and printing.

Tahu Dadong Songkeg
Tahu Dadong Songkeg

All necessary manufacturing processes are maintained as in the colonial era. As a result, you will find tofu with a different texture and taste. Tahu Dadong Songkeg has a denser texture compared to tofu that you usually find in traditional markets. You can buy a box of tofu in this place with the official tag of Rp. 20 thousand.

Tahu Pedadap produced by Dadong Songkeg is also known for having higher endurance. You can store it for several days in the refrigerator. The less water content, this tofu does have a different taste and cook faster. To eat it is also easy. You can fry it directly accompanied by soy sauce.

Tofu Dadong Songkeg Village Location Pejeng Village

To try the legendary tasting experience of Dadong Songkeg, you can visit Banjar Pedapdapan in Pejeng Village. If from Denpasar, you need to travel approximately 1 hour drive to get to the village of Pejeng. Furthermore, you can find the location of Tahu Dadong Songkeg which is about 1 km from Pejeng Market.

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