Hita Karangasem duck park

Hita Karangasem duck park, with Amed Beach View

Balitraveldiary.com – Many choose culinary tourism by visiting Ubud. Ubud is indeed famous for so many restaurants with natural nuances and delicious menus. However, that does not mean there is no good food elsewhere. If you are on vacation to Amed Beach, there is one food location that can be visited. Its name is Taman Bebek Hita Karangasem.

Hita Karangasem duck park
Hita Karangasem duck park

As the name implies, Taman Bebek Hita becomes a restaurant that provides main dish in the form of processed duck. When dining dining here, you can find views of Amed Beach in the distance. With beautiful scenery and delicious dishes, it’s no wonder that Taman Bebek Hita is a favorite stopover for tourists.

Balinese Hita Duck Garden Interior Design That Gives a Sense of Comfort

Actually, the room design used by the Taman Bebek Hita Restaurant is not so special. Here, you can find buildings with a two-story design. Both floors, deliberately designed like a blank bale, with no dividing walls. That way, visitors can watch the scene outside directly.

From these two floors, visitors prefer to sit on the top floor. The reason is because they can see views of the hills around Amed Beach. In the afternoon, the view here will feel so special. The sky is orange, green hills, white sand beaches, and blue sea, all combined in one beautiful frame.

Besides being able to choose the seating location on the first and second floors, you can also find a comfortable seat model. There are dining tables and chairs like a restaurant, there is also a table that allows visitors to enjoy a meal by way of Lesbian. Whatever seat you choose, you can still see the beautiful panorama outside.

The Menu Is Not Always Duck in Taman Bebek Hita Karangasem
The main menu that you can get here is of course the processed duck meat dishes. Duck menu that is a favorite of visitors is crispy duck. Crispy duck prices in this place are quite cheap, only Rp. 40 thousand accompanied by a salad in the form of cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. You can also find krispi tempeh by a similar presentation, pegged at Rp. 30 thousand.

You can also find shrimp processed menu at this restaurant. Shrimp menu choices quite a lot. You can find shrimp combined with fish and squid in seafood soup. There is also shrimp satay and spring roll shrimp. In addition, chicken noodle soup and fish noodle soup are also available. All of these menus, on average, are set with a tag of between Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 40 thousand.

Hita Karangasem duck park
Hita Karangasem duck park

Location of Taman Bebek Hita Bali Restaurant

You can find this restaurant located in Bunutan Village, Abang District, Karangasem Regency. The location is approximately 5 minutes drive from Amed Beach. You can find Taman Bebek Hita Restaurant open from 10 am to 23:00 local time.

With opening hours like that, you can choose to spend lunch and dinner at this restaurant. Moreover, it’s quite rare you know good eating places that can be found in tourist destinations that are quite far away like in Amed Beach.

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