Balinese milk pie

Delicious and sweet typical Balinese milk pie – By Bali’s next specialty is the milk pie which has a distinctive flavor as well as a fairly unique shape. This Balinese milk pie-shaped round ceper with hard edges crisp and fla milk in the middle of a creamy and legit makes milk pie have a special flavor blend.

Balinese milk pie
Balinese milk pie

You can bring home milk pie with a variety of flavors, ranging from original milk flavor, with additional toppings such as cheese, almond, raisins, and Choco Chips.

There are many milk pie vendors in Bali, but for the Sntranya is the one on Jalan Nangka Selatan number 163, Denpasar. However, even if it comes directly, not a guarantee you can buy it right away. If there is no direct ordering, it is best to come in the morning. At that time, there were still some milk Pie stocks available. If it comes afternoon, it is ensured that milk Pie stock has expired.

In addition to the south-term road, there are also branches of this milk pie manufacturer in   Jalan Wahidin No. 35, Denpasar, and Jalan Dewi Sri VIII Blok B-8, Kuta Plaza shops. Price per box Rp 25,000 for the contents of 10 pieces. Most practices, of course, original flavor. Milk Pie purchased should be directly inserted into the refrigerator for durable and can hold up to a week.

Besides, original milk Pie “Enaaak”, the choice of another brand can be Dhian milk Pie. The address of Dhian milk pie is located at Jalan Nangka, not far from the “real Milk Pie Enaak”.

Nyami Indra Food This one is very suitable to be made by the typical Balinese food to take home.

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