Geria Anyar Temple

Geria Anyar Temple, Tanah Kilap Denpasar – The name Pura Geria Anyar Tanah Kilap Denpasar is indeed unfamiliar to the ears of tourists. Moreover, this temple is neither an old temple nor a temple with a high historical value like Besakih Temple or Luhur Lempuyang Temple. However, the existence of Pura Geria Anyar is one of the proofs of a mysterious phenomenon that often appears on the island of Bali.

Geria Anyar Temple
Geria Anyar Temple

This temple was founded around 1962 by the Government of Badung Regency. At the beginning of its establishment, the local government actually did not have plans to build a temple. At that time, they aimed to realize the construction of the bridge. However, the mysterious phenomenon of the appearance of an old woman, making the plan change.

The figure of the old woman who asked for a house

In the process of building a bridge, the government through the public development department intends to build a bridge that is placed in the location west of the temple. However, the development plan failed continuously with various causes. Until finally the occult phenomenon occurs the appearance of a mysterious old woman.

The old woman asked the officer in charge of building the bridge to make a house. If the request is not realized, the construction of the bridge will continue to fail. The officer then brought the matter to a joint meeting with elements from Parisada Hindu Bali.

Geria Anyar Temple
Geria Anyar Temple

From the results of the meeting, an agreement was made to build a pelinggih which was positioned in the eastern part of the bridge. At first, the pelinggih was quite simple, only in the form of a foundation and padmasari. Surprisingly, the bridge construction process went smoothly after the pelinggih stood.

The figure of the old woman who appeared mysteriously in the bridge construction project was later known to be an embodiment of Ida Batara Ratu Niyang Sakti. Furthermore, the government also expanded the pelinggih building to become a temple. In addition, the Queen Niyang Sakti gedong pelinggih was also established.

Do not miss, you will also find the existence of several other pelinggih in the Pura Geria Anyar complex, Tanah Kilap Denpasar. The two pelinggih are Pelinggih Ida Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rawuh, Pelinggih Ida Batara Gde Mecaling, Pelinggih Ida Batara Segara, and others. This temple has a size that is quite broad, standing on a land of around 17.8 acres.

Mysterious Phenomenon in Anyar Pura Geria Tanah Kilap Denpasar

After the bridge construction process is complete, and Pura Geria Anyar stands firm, mysterious phenomena also often occur. It is said that many visitors often find the presence of an old woman who appears in the area around the temple. Although this incident is quite absurd, local people believe that the old woman is the embodiment of Ratu Niyang Sakti.

This temple is also often a temporary stopover for Balinese Hindus. Its location on the edge of the road, making many local people who visit briefly and provide canang. Moreover, not far from the temple, you can find canang traders. If you want to enter the temple area, you can also rent it from canang traders.

The location of this Anyar Geria Temple can be found in the Banjar Gelogor Carik area in Pakraman Pemogan Village, South Denpasar District, Badung Regency. It is not difficult to find this temple, located on Jalan Griya Anyar, not far from Kuta BIMC Hospital.

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