Waroeng d'Carik

All You Can Eat at Waroeng d’Carik Kerobokan

Balitraveldiary.com – You can find tasting cheap culinary in Bali in various places. Moreover, if you want to enjoy as much food as you can at an all you can eat restaurant. One dining location concept all you can eat with traditional culinary offerings that you can visit is Waroeng d’Carik Kerobokan. Besides being able to enjoy a satisfying meal, the atmosphere around the restaurant also feels natural surrounded by rice fields.

Waroeng d'Carik
Waroeng d’Carik

The concept of all you can eat in Waroeng d’Carik is different from the restaurants of all you can eat franchises like Hanamasa, Shanghai Bowl, Shaburi, or Gyukaku. In this place, you can spend your time eating without having to limit time. With no time limit, Waroeng d’Carik Bali is the right place to eat for backpackers and lovers of cheap trips.

Natural atmosphere in Waroeng d ‘Find Kerobokan

The concept of the room used by Waroeng d’Carik is indeed different. The manager of this restaurant strives to present the natural atmosphere of Bali to visitors. Therefore, they deliberately set up an all you can eat food stall in the middle of a rice field. The existence of this location makes tourists can think that Bali still has a natural atmosphere in the middle of the globalization era like now.

The concept of the building used by Waroeng d’Carik is not too fancy. The manager of this all you can eat shop intentionally designed the building with a simple form. They did it to display a natural impression to make it look more striking. When visiting here, you can feel the breeze comfortably. Moreover, the restaurant building was deliberately designed with a semi-open concept.

Not Every Day There Is All You Can Eat Rp. 75,000 Menu at Waroeng d’Carik

The main advantage that you can find in Waroeng d’Carik is the all you can eat menu. In the buffet offerings provided by the restaurant, you can find about 20 menus that can be enjoyed. The menus are rows of BBQ food made from fresh ingredients. If you want, you can also watch live cooking practiced by restaurant chefs.

It’s just that the all you can eat menu offered by Waroeng d’Carik is not valid every day. You will only find these unlimited meal plans on Saturdays. In addition, they don’t also provide the all-you-eat menu all day. You can only eat satisfied meals when visiting between the hours of 18:00 to 22:00.

Varied Menu at Waroeng d ‘Find Bali

In addition to the all you can eat BBQ menu, you can also find other delicious menus that you can enjoy. The menu that you can find is not limited to archipelago cuisine such as, real tilapia, fried noodles, fried rice, pork rendang, chicken soup, tom yam gong, and others. There is also a western cuisine that is no less delicious, such as chicken pasta, chicken parmigiana, carbonara pasta, and so on.

Waroeng d'Carik
Waroeng d’Carik

The price of the menu at Waroeng d’Carik Bali is not too expensive. In addition to the all you can eat menu, the average food in this stall you can eat with a tag of around Rp. 40 thousand. The price is not too expensive for a backpacker’s pocket, right?

d’Carik Locations in Bali

This cheap place to eat can be found at Jalan Raya Kedampang, located in Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta. You can find the location around 25 minutes away by motorized vehicle from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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