D’tukad River Club

D’tukad River Club Blangsinga

Balitraveldiary.com – Blangsinga Waterfall, also called Tegenungan Waterfall, is a popular destination in Bali. The view of the waterfall with a swift flow, looks very charming. When visiting the destination, you can enjoy Blangsinga Waterfall in various ways. The most popular way you can choose is to watch the beauty of the waterfall from D’tukad River Club Blangsinga.

D’tukad River Club
D’tukad River Club

D’tukad River Club is a club house located at the edge of a waterfall. From the location of D’tukad River Club, visitors can witness the splendor of Blangsinga Waterfall. The entertainment that you can get while you are at the river club is not only in the form of a waterfall view. There are rows of facilities that make you feel comfortable while relaxing there.

Ride Swing in Blangsinga River Club Duksukad Become the Main Attraction

The main facility that you can find when visiting D’tukad River Club is the swing or swing. This swing was deliberately placed so that tourists can witness the beauty of Blangsinga Waterfall in a challenging way. You can swing on the giant swing while enjoying the view of the waterfall in a different way.

The existence of a swing at the D’tukad River Club also allows tourists to get cool instagramable photos. You also don’t need to worry about taking pictures in the D’tukad River Club’s swing. The manager of the D’tukad River Club ensures that swing equipment with a height reaching 87 meters above the waterfall is accompanied by a complete security facility. In addition, there are officers who always monitor.

The facilities that you can find at D’tukad River Club are certainly not just giant swings. The river club building also ensures that visitors can eat a row of menus and scenery around in a relaxed manner. You can choose to relax in the first or second floor area. Not to forget, the D’tukad River Club also provides a swimming pool.

The swimming pool at D’tukad River Club is also not an ordinary swimming pool. This swimming pool is a type of swimming pool built with an infinity model. From this swimming pool, visitors can witness the splendor of Blangsinga Waterfall. While swimming and relaxing, you can sample various menus prepared by the river club. Do not forget, there are a row of instagramable spots that you can use.

Admission Ticket Didukad River Club Ubud

D’tukad River Club offers a variety of entrance ticket packages that you can get. In total, you can find 5 package options that can be utilized. The five package options are entrance only, swing and swim (no lunch), floating breakfast, swing and lunch, and romantic dinner. Of the three 5 packages, entrance only is the cheapest package option.

In the entrance only package, you need to pay Rp.155 thousand and will get a ticket which can then be exchanged for food and drinks. Meanwhile, if you are interested in trying a swing vehicle, you can try the swing and swim package (for Rp.350 thousand), and swing and lunch (Rp390 thousand).

D’tukad River Club Ubud location

For those of you who are interested in visiting and enjoying the views of Blangsinga Waterfall from the D’tukad River Club, you can find this place in Banjar Blangsinga in Saba Village. You can reach this place by driving around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

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