Puncak Mawar Jembrana

Puncak Mawar Jembrana Tourism Destinations

Balitraveldiary.com – The name of Jembrana Puncak Mawar tourist spot in Bali is indeed less popular compared to Kuta Beach, Double Six Beach, or Besakih Temple. However, you need to consider the name Puncak Mawar if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali in a satisfied way. Puncak Mawar offers an instagramable viewing post that is designed in various forms.

Puncak Mawar Jembrana
Puncak Mawar Jembrana

Mawar Peak is an instagramable destination that makes you truly will be fascinated by the natural beauty of Bali Island. Mawar Peak is located on a hilltop directly adjacent to a protected forest area. While in this place, you will get a view of a green valley covered in green trees that are soothing.

Beautiful substation facility at Puncak Mawar Jembrana

During a visit to the Mawar Peak of Bali, tourists will find the main attractions in the form of a row of cool selfie spots. Some selfie spots that you can use include:

  1. Present swing
    The first spot at Bali’s Mawar Peak is a swing. This swing is deliberately placed in the viewing post with a chain that is quite safe. You can take a photo pose while playing swing while watching the view of the green valley.
  2. Bamboo bridge
    The next contemporary photo spot is the bamboo bridge. This bamboo bridge is made entirely with material from bamboo. On the floor, made of woven bamboo. Meanwhile, the fence is arranged with sturdy bamboo sticks.
  3. Old-fashioned bicycle
    You can also find a unique selfie spot in the form of an ancient bicycle placed on a hill. The existence of the old bicycle makes photo activities look unique.
  4. A viewing post with various themes
    The next photo location you can also find a viewing post with a unique theme. In this viewing post, you will find the existence of several supporting facilities that make the photo activity even more fun. You can find a viewing post with large artificial flower buds. In addition, there is also a modern viewing post accompanied by a unique crescent moon. You can choose to take pictures while sitting or standing on it.
  5. Hobbit house
    The current photo location is not just a viewing post. You can also find unique building themed hobbit houses while in Puncak Mawar. This hobbit house is designed with a tiny building shape and bright colors.

Location and Entrance Tickets for Bali Mawar Peak

Puncak Mawar Jembrana
Puncak Mawar Jembrana

To visit this place, you can choose a long enough time. This place you can visit in the range between 8 am to 5 pm. If you want to get the best view, you can choose to come in the afternoon. Besides watching the view from a height, the atmosphere of the sunset also looks romantic.

The entrance ticket that you need to pay to get to Puncak Mawar Bali is also cheap. The manager of Puncak Mawar only stipulated an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000. If you want to go to this contemporary tourist attraction, you can go to its location which is located in Pendem Village in the District of Jembrana, Jembrana Regency.

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