Villa Bukit Segara Amed, Luxury Lodging Beach view

Balitraveldiary.com – Many beautiful villas that can be a means to stay while on vacation with family or couples in Bali. You can choose a villa with a mountain atmosphere or by the beach. Villa Bukit Segara Amed is the right choice if you are looking for a romantic beachfront lodging. From this villa, you can feel the atmosphere of calm at Amed Beach, which is known as one of the beautiful beaches in Karangasem.

Villa Bukit Segara Amed
Villa Bukit Segara Amed

The tranquility that can be found at Villa Bukit Segara makes this inn very suitable as a place to stay for families and couples travelers. You can choose this villa on Amed Beach if you want to do a romantic vacation to Bali. Moreover, the facilities at Villa Bukit Segara provide a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Complete and luxurious facilities at Villa Bukit Segara Amed

Being away from the crowd, Villa Bukit Segara indeed makes the vacation experience feel very calm. You can rest and be away from the crowd. Even so, you do not need to worry about various needs during the vacation while staying here. The villa management provides various supporting facilities so that guests can stay comfortably.

Villa Bukit Segara Amed
Villa Bukit Segara Amed

For dining needs, the Bukit Segara Villa has provided restaurant facilities. This restaurant serves a variety of menus made from garden products and their own farms. Not only that, you can also get a menu with the main ingredients from sea catches. Menu choices at this restaurant include roast duck, shrimp and grilled fish, and Balinese mixed rice.

Furthermore, you can also find the existence of an outdoor swimming pool inside the villa. The swimming pool is intentionally designed in an open area so that guests can enjoy views of the beach directly while relaxing and swimming in the pool. In addition, the presence of a green garden also makes the atmosphere inside the villa feel calm even in the midst of the hot sun.

Not to forget, the manager of Villa Bukit Segara also provides additional facilities in the form of free internet connection using a WiFi network. This internet connection can be used for guests who want to complete work pending during the holidays. Internet access is also very useful when you upload photos of new shots during the holidays at Amed Beach.

Rates Stay at Villa Bukit Segara Karangasem

Villa Bukit Segara has a limited number of rooms. In total, there are only 5 rooms that you can find in this villa. The rooms are designed with a thick tropical atmosphere. You can choose to rent a villa in its entirety. This villa booking can be made through the villa’s official website with a minimum duration of one week, with rates ranging from Rp69 million to Rp78 million.

However, you can also choose to stay in a room provided by the villa, which of course is more affordable. There are 3 choices of rooms that can be occupied, namely Luxury Seaside Guesthouse (2-4 people), Luxury Seaside Master Bedroom (2 people), and Luxury Seaside Family Villa (4-6 people). The three room types are pegged with a tag of between Rp1.9 million to Rp3.1 million.

Villa Bukit Segara Amed
Villa Bukit Segara Amed

Location of Villa Bukit Segara Bali

You can find this luxury villa located at Jl. Raya Bunutan, Amed, Karangasem. The location is very far from the airport. However, for the convenience of guests, the villa offers an airport shuttle service that guests can take advantage of.

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