Ipang Stalls Bali, Nusantara Beef Ribs Culinary

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Balitraveldiary.com – Warung Ipang has become a well-developed restaurant chain in Indonesia. Besides having many branches in Surabaya, you can also find the existence of Warung Ipang Bali. Here, you can still enjoy delicious processed ribs with a different atmosphere. The reason is that the management is trying to bring the typical impression of the archipelago to the restaurant building.

Ipang Stalls Bali
Ipang Stalls Bali

The atmosphere of Warung Ipang on Bali. is indeed quite contrasting when compared to Warung Ipang in Surabaya. In Surabaya, you will find a modern atmosphere, in harmony with the image of the metropolitan city. When visiting Warung Ipang, located on the island of Bali. You can find an atmosphere that is not much different from when dining at home.

Comfortable Dining Atmosphere at Warung Ipang

Warung Ipang building is in the form of two floors which have a very large size. Here, you will find an attractive room with the use of decoration in the form of a unique mural painting. In addition, the arrangement of the dining room is also done rather quietly. So that visitors can enjoy each dish comfortably.

Ipang Stalls Bali
Ipang Stalls Bali

The traditional impression of being at home is also reinforced by the use of wooden furniture. The atmosphere of the room is also increasingly beautiful with the placement of a vertical garden on the wall. With a beautiful interior design. A combination of archipelago and industrial elements, not only can you feel comfortable. But you are also satisfied choosing an Instagram photo hunt location.

A cozy place in this restaurant, allows you to be able to choose it as a place to dine with friends or family. Moreover, the menu line that you can get at Warung Ipang is also very much.

Complete Nusantara Menu Options at Warung Ipang Bali

As a restaurant that labels itself as a specialist for ribs, of course you will get a main course of tasty ribs while here. Rib meat at Warung Ipang is processed appropriately so that it has a soft texture. You will have no difficulty in tasting the delicacy of the ribs, and can even be separated easily from the bone.

Ipang Stalls Bali
Ipang Stalls Bali

The ribs menu is not the only delicious food that can be eaten at Warung Ipang. You can also get another menu that is not less tasty. Other menus include soup, sum sum, fried rice, fried pepper milkfish, carp, and others. Interestingly, the restaurant also provides an all you can eat package promo with a tag of Rp150 thousand.

In addition to the all you can eat package promos, you can also find other promos that are not less interesting. These promos, allow you to be able to taste the culinary archipelago with premium flavors at Warung Ipang that can be eaten at low prices. Even without a discount, the menu at this restaurant is also quite economical, you know!

Ipang Stalls location

Warung Ipang has a convenient and strategic place, making it easier for you to reach it. You can find the address of this archipelago restaurant on Jl. Dewi Sri 88X with the telephone number at (0361) 4727612. Oh yes, this place does not only provide a heavy menu line, you know. You can also order snacks and snacks along with delicious coffee.

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